How to undo one good article with one wayward embedding

Big Tobacco Denial Lobby became the Climate Denier Lobby and the denier community tends to repeat the tactics that are effective on the masses, eh?


Yesterday, published an interesting article on some tactics being proposed to sway anti-vaccinationists from their destructive course:

THEY SAY a picture is worth a thousand words, and in the case of winning the war over anti-vaxxers, an image like this may be enough to change the mind of even the most extreme sceptics.

In a study conducted by PNAS, graphic images of children plagued with measles, mumps and rubella were shown to a group of parents who were sceptical about of the benefits of vaccination. After the intervention, the results revealed that some parents might change their view on vaccinations.

The article investigates whether or not the use of graphic imagery works. It is well worth a read.

Then, at the end of the article, they embed this:

Investigates claims by anti-vaxxers on the safety of vaccines. It’s a rare and controversial look inside the anti-vaxxer camp and…

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