Understanding Government Data: ‘Sensitive’ vs. ‘classified’

“sensitive” is not a meaningful term.

there is Unclassified – which is the vast majority of government data

the “Classified” category of information is that which would cause harm if released

there is Protected A, B and C – for people or investigations

There is Secret – national or regional interest

then Top Secret – national security

All of which is about Government Data and not the party which is Government of the Day.

Political Parties are not the Government – they are temporary workers after all.

Canada Government information in the news:


Policy Review:



ATIP: Access To Information and Access to Privacy

The Government of Canada has two acts that allow for access to information being held by the Government In Trust of the Public. The Access to Privacy allows anyone to access information that the Government has about them as a … Continue reading

also “personal and confidential” is not a government classification either.

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