Religion: Meets the Diagnostic Delusion

diagnostic manual brain chemistry

save canada post home delivery Canada post suspect mail

Remember the Email Tax Internet Hoax?

Private Sector package deliveries undercut the crown corporation not by being more efficient but by paying employees less than comparable jobs in the Public Service. Email was part of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and there was never going to be a per email charge – ISPs are throttling data and they are not revenue sharing with actual world crowns or corps.

Richard Dawkins gravity meme Experiementing with Poetry

Mops n pails, floors and ceilings…. Sub Rosa is not a floor covering.

burn books then people

Diseases vs illnesses…. medicine vs alternatives… as in not medicines or treatments.

13-polio-indiaink-blog480 polio_elvis

Nations regulating corporations or corporations underwriting regulatory framers….

The anti vax trio of death The Problem - Dr Alejandro Junger

What is real and quantifiable and what is imagined, believed… regardless of sincerity. a rather inauthentic word really.

Clarence Thomas Montasano's Man Gloria Steinem men on career and marraige

truth is beauty because it is ugly and plain, the averages, the collective that was which is

Nina and History of the World part 1

We do not have to repeat history

without apology to Margaret Meed warning: viewing may be distressing, 9/11 content

without apology to Margaret Meed
warning: viewing may be distressing, 9/11 content

Putting the fun back in fundamentalist


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