Talking bout Religion and Eggs

I have done 2 longest replies with re-blogging posts and I just want to collect them into an actual post:

PART the First: Religion

when their religion is all about words/swords and shoving is all they know, you confuse them when you say their religion is okay but don’t shove.

also, I would hope that you’re not falling for the “atheists are rude and therefore awful, but I am perfect pious spreading hell”

it is DISCUSSING religion that is ending it – in far greater speed than predicted going by amalgamated global censuses

I mean seriously – people on a computer to spread goat herder stories…. in the information age….. using computers invented by atheists geeks and queers.


PART the Second: The Eggs

The Eternal Question – Chicken or the Egg?

Eggs because there were already egg laying species is the pedantic response

but it was Something Not a Chicken that Laid an Egg with a chicken in it – and it was not discouraged, disfavoured and over time, more becomes a population and breaks off from the original source and POOF Chickens

eggs quote-big-endians-and-small-endians-jonathan-swift-112-75-56

 1e21continental chicken

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2 Responses to Talking bout Religion and Eggs

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