Conservative Candidates and Climate Change

Mel Arnold, candidate for North Okanangan-Shuswap, says climate change could be cyclical

Has Mr Arnold any science training? none mentioned in the article.

What Mr Arnold is saying by demanding an excessive an unreasonable level of certainty is that he doesn’t understand how science works or be able to understand what is presented to him.

97%_560x463  consensus_1024 scientists-clues-print

What matters is that of the people who are Qualified to have an opinion that policy is based on – the actual scientists who study CLIMATE (not merely weather) – is 97%

so the way science works is not like politics, it’s not up for a vote.

we are overpooping and over polluting at an industrial scale, and the human population has gone from packs/prides into herds with an explosion to swarm species.

we don’t have time for public education anymore and we need to stop electing beer buddy politicians who are only as smart as the average voters

none of us is as dumb as all of us

Meanwhile. Stockwell Day is stumping in BC – the young earth creationist who was once in charge of emergency preparedness – and thankfully, no one did anything bad with their genitals with he was in charge, and prayer is not a plan for preparation or mitigation or disaster recovery.

one more reason why religion must be out of government, eh?

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