Publicity: The End of Celebrity Exceptionalism

Rihanna opens up about Chris Brown assault



A person’s celebrity is primarily their national appeal – and their actual celebrity is determined on the international stage. Also: why the Court of Public Opinion – is the ONLY court that matters in reality. With all due respect to all Government Courts of Law – Government separation of Church and State Depending….since that is where and why personal freedom and equality and ability to move through the economic classes….


1728013 ht_roseanne_barr_national_anthem_screengrab_thg-130703_16x9_992 Roseanne-Barr-Reuters-640x482

In the early days of celebritydom – performers had to be larger and cleaner than life.

Roseanne Barr, a stand up housewife comedian was the first out as an incest survivor, and her public persona is America. Barr Herself – has become so much more than the public will give her credit for – it’s okay to be big and brash if you got balls, but boobs are bigger than balls. Barr is a supporter of marginalized people and a champion for equality – I have not particularly followed her career – but her response to the suicide of Marie Osmond’s son – to be the Mom for stray queers.

16255 more talesposter

Anyway… there is health, there is coping, there is coping ugly and there is a lot of …

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denial..rationalizing…compensating…medicating…defensive..defending..too tired to defend…depressings…deprecating…self-depricationing…self degredations… first strike defenses…. pot shots.. hot shots…slap shots… rim shots…poke jab… combos! double entredres – ooo triple scores! – guffaws and giggles – anything that jiggles is moviing and therefore – TECHNICALLY _ most strictly speaking – is excersize. .. go tremours go……

giphy You-call-yourself-fat-Amy


So,, in Movies, this Chris Brown is number(XXV) – the 25th performer with that name  – so apparently the one name-one person rule is over – or he came with the name from another industry.

movies: the last place any one in the public stilll used roman numerals and I think IMDB was the way that netizens did the go around to convert. (, signify the age of the Public Editor and changed the wild world web into the weird world web – also Web 1.o – When Geeks Ruled ended and anyone could be a content provider and the determined content was the self, rather than hobbies – which – might have been smarter in hindsight into terms of collective consciousness. but will know more about that laters, eh?)

Web 2.0 is crashing to a halt with ebay and amazon models winning and the web re-distributed disdributively. TPP.


2007 – I saw this movie after the domestic charges and it didn’t actually change or taint the movie to me – since dark family secrets are what drive most of our bad, compensating or extreme behaviours.

In fact, most Christmas movies are so entirely creepy wholesome that they are completely divorced from their own religion and devoid of any reality whatsoever.


So – this make me wonder – if Canada is banning Mr Brown being physically present in Canada because he is a convicted criminal in his home nation for something that is also a crime in Canada – which . Good. That is the law and we really should have applied that to convicted drunk driver George W Bush too, and also why former BC preimer Gordon Campbell should have understood that drunk driving is a crime on the job, on your own time or on vaycay in Hawaii…. sorry…. blurring…..


celebrities arise from so many professions, that it really is merely about world stage access, eh?

Rapper’s holographic performance prompts police to shut … › Arts › Music › Rap

Jul 27, 2015 – Chief Keef was appearing by hologram, and appealing for an end to violence, … about the need to stop violence, when music was turned down, the hologram … Before his appearance at Craze Fest, Chief Keef teased several …


American Police are shutting down projections of performers – so I am not seeing a very big difference between a flat screen movie projection or broadcast onto tv screens in homes….something about unintended consequences


not only that – but making them far more attractive and appealing and legitimate


Proportionality goes out the window when celebrity and big money get involved


and PR Mea Culpas … somehow there is really no “I was a bad boy” get outta trouble for being cute and boys will be boys  – when it’s boys hitting and harming girls


anyone hitting anyone really

RCMP Memories: ed301 Attending a Domestic

I worked for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for over 3 years as the workflow analyst and forms designer. I had been working there only a month when a request came into my office to update form ED301 that officers … Continue reading






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