News One Can Use: A Literacy Guide to Contextualization


Kava, a root prized for its sedative and anaesthetic properties, is now beings served at a trendy Vancouver restaurant but B.C.’s top doctor is warning people be cautious when consuming.

“It would be wise not to combine (kava) with anti-histamines or anti depressants,” said Dr. Perry Kendall, B.C.’s Provincial Health Officer.

Zend Conscious Lounge in Yaletown serves drinks featuring a Kava extract which — according to its website — can help people feel calm, focused and relaxed.

Zend owner Steve Curtis also advises caution when it comes to consuming kava.

“We don’t recommend driving on it, or consuming alcohol or consuming other medications, just from a safety perspective,” he told CBC. “But this herb has a very long history of use, safe, in indigenous populations.”

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Sometimes, the best way to express a thing is the most pointed:

Regional Peasant Foods that become Foodie Fads need to be better regulated in law – and not merely in trade – where the export makes the food unavailable for it’s primary consumer – but also in terms of medical vs food use.

I am extremely concerned that Universal Health Care in Canada, while discouraging the Vanity Surgeries common in the southern portion of North America – it has created a private sector after market of  the “complimentary, alternative, spa-wellness bumper sticker Self Help” market is entirely unregulated – and being able to compete in a marketplace is one thing, but educated and able to understand consumers manipulated by decades of television advertising and tv shows where performers are now deemed as reliable as the actual working professionals – and where trained professionals forego practice to be medial performers…..


Foodstuffs: Where the Cultural Exchange Occurs

The idea of a product that sells itself is not a modern one. In Ancient Rome, they had a food additive – a salty briney flavour that was so addictive – it was added to everything from appies to desserts … Continue reading


Hangry About World Hunger:

Caleb and making money from the soya beans……. the birth of the middleman eh? speculating higher stakes than gambling same principles, no ethics at all East of Eden Book Synopsis :: National Steinbeck Center National Steinbeck Center, Salinas, California – … Continue reading


Workforce Adjustments: Charity Burn Out

the gauntlet of people asking for donations. support the victims of (insert disaster); sufferers of (insert disease); my kid’s school (insert insert insert)  – or hey you’re diabetic – you can be cured with my sideline business in (insert … Continue reading


food supplements, hyperbariac .. oxygen shots at bars as sides to alcohol

Bear encounters spike in B.C. new numbers show

  • here’s a thought – People reservations – we stay in our boundries and leave the remaining wilderness alone. Domed cities and permission to tube between domes.

John Cummins says missing, murdered women ‘put themselves at risk’

Police have done ‘the very best they can” in investigating Highway of Tears cases, former Tory MP says

  • I understand that “literally” now also means “figuratively” because of the commonality of the misuse  – so I am curious to see how the word “best” will now include the concepts “inadequate” “under-served” and “failed”.

invisibilty visibility

US & Canada Via BBC

Rihanna opens up about Chris Brown assault

11 year old boy murders 8 year old girl

Dear BBC: you have have question about how one feels about Canada today in under 5 words; so Given your USA/Canada news page is all America:

“Glad Canada is Not America”


October 19 – Heave Steve, Anyone But Conservative

Conservatives ARE the Status Quo to Overcome

Conservatives are always on the wrong side of history

it’s why the greeks are still triggery, eh?

Modern Englishes: Greeks are triggery and grammar is racist

greek literture now must come with a warning that slavery and opression are in the stories (really shows how they remain effective all these centuries, eh? correcting the grammar of people in diff demographics than you is now deemed … Continue reading

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