Elvis Presley was a blonde

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Elvis Presley was a honey brown blonde, a bit darker than his father Vernon.

Elvis dyed his hair black for Hollywood – Loving You.

Elvis reported to MGM in Hollywood for the pre-production on Kissin’ Cousins. During the week he had script and choreography rehearsals. There were also wig fittings for his role as the blond twin.


Elvis hated Kissin Cousins for a lot a really good reasons – he had to play blonde and yet another hayseed hillbilly musical.

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Presley Pictures: The Anti-Establishment and Gubbermint Movies

Leaving aside “Love Me Tender”, American love movies that wallow in their war wounds more than any other genre, and the GI Joes who triumphed overseas took their new middle class family to celebrate American cultural dominance … Continue reading

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Presley Pictures: A Political Reading

The Presley Picture formula = Elvis + Scenery + Fighting + Singing + Girls Girls Girls Harum Scarum initially interested Elvis because it was a costume piece. Then, he got the script which in hindsight, would have been saved by … Continue reading

katzmanhswide21 kissinelson

Presley Pictures: The Military Movies

Elvis was still serving in the army when Hal Wallis sent a crew to Germany to do second unit location backdrops and cutaway shots for GI Blues. Elvis movies continued to draw back to this life.   GI Blues Army … Continue reading

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Elvis Presley was was an all american baseball playing, army serving, movie and music making performer. He wore a wig for Jailhouse Rock for that onscreen haircut. He trimmed his sideburns for King Creole. He wouldn’t wear brown eye contacts for Flaming Star – but he wore a blonde wig for Kissin Cousins. Not for Hollywood, but for America’s Military did Elvis cut his hair.


Elvis made movies to promote American Government:

Promoting Hawaii as a vacation for the American Middle Class (and appeal to the pacific rim fans)

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but also to promote – government highway projects and even transportion in general worlds’s fair, not merely racing things that go Vroom

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Presley Pictures: Under the Big Top

Elvis Presley was the first actor to get a percentage of the box office and the only lead actor who never had script approval. For a guy who played the street corners in Memphis, hung out in Black Churches and … Continue reading



Roman Circusi: The Modern Era

It Happened at the World’s Fair. I have an uncle who swears he is in a crowd scene in this movie. World Expositions are one of the modern day Roman Circus methods of distracting and inspiring the public – see … Continue reading



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