Canada is the Only Nation Safe to Laugh At

Because we are big enough to take a joke, small enough to be neighborly but big enough to be taken seriously.


The Sun Set on The British Empire – and the Empirical age of Colonialism ended with industrialism – the globe circumnavigated and the modern Common Era was born – and International Standards (ISOs) – machines that allowed for accounting and accounting for machines – Capital Expenditures – no longer the family business – now the Merchant Class – the Robbers and the Barons – Corporate Families with Money while Europe became overripe with Titles lacking Funding.

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Again, those Romans. When you have an embarrassment of resources, import culture for a Greek Finished Veneer.

Canada and America with Australia and New Zealand in another time zone – bottoms up!

One could say America moved out first – from Parliament to Republic – they like the Roman metaphor. Have to admit they sure splashed more out on the world stage, teaching Alexander the Great about being a culture spreader.

Boots on the ground are one thing, but booties in the crib another. Greek Currency.. talk about triggery, eh?


Australia and New Zealand – our counterpart players in the Pacific Rim – Down Under Cousins – well yes they were mostly convicts and such deported, exported – de-citizenized – well, the ones not sold into indentured servitude in the Canadas and Americas – new market growth and the American Revolution – west? non due North – land for loyalists.

The cold war allowed for a corporate expansion and IBM – International Business Machines – helped governments replace scribes and ciphers with secretaries.

Any government who could afford to buy it’s precision machines – which is also about international standards.


I mean – is anyone else thinking it’s funny that America – the land of the individual is still using the Imperial System of Measurement. Weights too. This is where vendor frauds mostly happen – imprecision.

does TPP mean that America is finally going metric?


Anyway, making fun of Canada doesn’t get you invaded, we take jokes every well and elect them often, eh?


continental chicken

planet’s an egg!

Cuatro Coffee with Nina

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