Novelty Neurosis: Turgid Terminology

Hep Cool Cats, Insider Jargon

words that wiggle words that jiggle

Suggestive Slang, Insinuating Innuendos

the beat the beat the pulse the beat

Over the Top and On the Nose

Stink Stank Stunk called Rose

boys and their toys, noise and pollution

Breakdown of Air Polluters Chart merc_sources tumblr_lj8vfzptb01qg5mwho1_500

The thing that these charts show less often is how much the industrialized nations represent as a part of the global population – when everyone pays the cost of pollution – but very few benefit.

we have now hit the point that 85 people of over 7 billion own 50% of all that we deem wealth.

so how much more do they need before they are gonna create jobs for the rest of us?

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