The Mormon Raputure Round Up Post

First there was The Talmud – The Jewish Scrolls of Endless Commentaries

Then, there was finally a claimant, of sorts, that got a following – CHOSEN – The Bible Was done.

Ish… it’s been edited a lot – anyway, The Vatican dominated all the kings of all the lands – how can this not be true that Kings bow to this?

Er…King… wait… taxes or tithes… taxes or tithes…..Armies cost….Crusade!

Martin Luther Proclaiminated and the Decadence of Rome from within was once again it’s fall and the Pope spawned other Orthodoxies. (the great schism was over really eating or symbolically being cannibals and it went to the whole Indulgences thing, scandal scandal, but we don’t talk about it now,eh!)

The Way to a better world

As the church waned in Europe as revolutionaries replaced the ever incestuous “Royal Families” – the Crowns and Parliaments and Parishes clamored for new and novel – gosh – are those (gasp) new lands?

Spice Race! Passage to India, Northwest Passage, Round the Cape and to the Caymen islands….

Then in the east – the Koran spawned a new profitable profit.

America for the score – a THIRD TESTAMENT – and best of all, you can marry as many women as you can afford that ole adultery thing doesn’t count if ya marries them all, caliphate me!

Really? you want me to think that that hazarded inaccurate perverted drunken, druggie, obviously gay claptrap resembles anything like a plan?

Putting that book into the hand of the actual people instead of a priest class was the best way for people to read and see for themselves indeed.


Popular Romance: Predators and Incest

Oh My! every girl’s first dream kiss! siblings keeping it in the family since oh wait.. Eve had three sons. Cain snuffed Abel and later there was Seth…. awkward moments when what actual Christianity means REVEALED! The Duggar Girls Learned … Continue reading

161d7146659c4e8f8ce60331f3dd08bc85e3ef6e3bcd03b7fc07970ca5935095  meme-photo-with-caption-quote-from-george-romney-and-showing-tax-returns

And in this corner: MAGIC UNDERWEAR Destiny Boy!

Mitt Romney To Fight Evander Holyfield. You Read That Right Former 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is picking another fight — with Evander Holyfield, the former heavyweight…  magic underwear destiny boy needs to be beaten up.  i dont understand … Continue reading

8c73f401743751703243ee86628db90f 037AFBC0000005DC-3158117-image-m-17_1436719720906

The Osmond Factor: Creepy Wholesome

I was a kid when I watched the Donny and Marie show and even I laughed at Donnie when he sang “a little bit rock n roll.”  The very littlest bit, bubble gummer. Marie Osmond Backs Gay Marriage: ‘I Don’t … Continue reading

Creston, B.C.- 08/03/04- On a ridge above the Bountiful comminity, painted white stones with the reminder...KEEP SWEET. Ian Smith/Vancouver Sun [PNG Merlin Archive]

Creston, B.C.- 08/03/04- On a ridge above the Bountiful comminity, painted white stones with the reminder…KEEP SWEET. Ian Smith/Vancouver Sun [PNG Merlin Archive]

Secular Law vs Religious “law”

we can get him on tax evasion, breaking labour laws and the school act we can also charge him with bigamy for as many counts as he has wives we can also end any freedoms for religions, when they are … Continue reading


BibleWorld: The Earth View

The geography in the Torah 1.0, The Bible 2.0 and the Quran 3.0 is very limited.   This is why the Book of Mormon, 2.5 corrects this by taking place in America.   The Abrahamic Trilogy is actually all one … Continue reading


CanCon: Bountiful BC – Charges 2.0

Charges have been laid against Blackmore and the other leaders of the Bountiful BC community. Hopefully Canadian law enforcement will coordinate with the American counterparts in Texas and Colerado,; which are the two southern communities that Bountiful has been trafficking … Continue reading


Harper’s Child Benefits the Polygamists

Over $43,000 is what Winston Blackmore, Bountiful BC, will be getting from the Harper government for having 133 offspring. Bigamy is illegal. personal and corporate tax evasion, school act violations, labour act violations, human rights and trafficking with the 2 … Continue reading

The dictionary of mythology

From my previous blog:

Folklore Standard Dictionary

Bountiful is Canada’s emerging Jonestown

I grew up expecting certain rights as a Canadian citizen, but when I came out at 23 in the early 1990’s, I lost a lot of my legal rights. It was legal to fire me, deny me housing, not promote … Continue reading

The Definitive Work: Edith Hamilton

The Definitive Work: Edith Hamilton

BC Court Affirms Anti-Polygamy Law

“I have concluded that this case is essentially about harm,” Chief Justice Robert Bauman wrote in the decision that was handed down Wednesday morning in Vancouver. “More specifically, Parliament’s reasoned apprehension of harm arising out of the practice of polygamy. … Continue reading

Need to be told

Winston Blackmore, Canada’s most famous polygamist, will be defending his marriages not in criminal court, but in tax court in January, 2012. In a way, Canada has gone after Blackmore the same way that Chicago went after Al Capone – … Continue reading

Fables of Asoep Anthropology disproves Religion

Tales to explain morality and morality tales come from all the cultures – anthropology is the study of people and part of what makes a people a people is shared beliefs.

Ukrainian Folk Tales Icelandic Folk Tales

Folk tales told by bards and repeated by folks, don;t be greedy, don’t talk to things that shouldn’t talk and all kinds of lessons about dealing with trolls under bridges.

The Brothers Grimm Hans Christian Anderson

reading omens into events or seeing false patterns….Spooky Omens and WarningsTexas vs Ireland

religion is a mental health illness: Canada Declassified: Doomsday Cults

Robertson Booga Booga

what ever your personal relationships, never make your relationship with books monogamous eh?

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