Elvis World: Elvis and the Movies that Could have been

Give us This Sept 30 our daily Elvis


James Dean was killed. Elvis heard the news when he was in the Gladewater hotel and he cried.


The soundtrack recording for Kissin Cousins began. They started at 7.00 p.m. till 3.30 a.m. Elvis did not record his part because he had a cold. He did came over though to meet the director, Gene Nelson, who also played congas with the band.
Photography on Paradise Hawaiian Style was completed. Tom Jones came to the set and met Elvis for the very first time. When there were some photos taken Elvis started to sing Jones’ hit What’s New Pussy Cat.
Again Elvis was at the movies, watching Midnight Cowboy. Although at home for some time now, Elvis did not often appear at the Graceland gates to meet his fans.
Elvis had been offered the Jon Voight role in Midnight Cowboy.
A Star Is Born
Elvis was offered the role Kris Krisofferson played in the Bab’s Star is Born
The original idea for West Side Story was all teen idols, Elvis said okay if Nathalie Wood played the lead, She did, he backed out and West Side Story got the Grammy for soundtrack while Blue Hawaii was the number 1 album for the year on the charts. Blue Hawaii is the movie that doomed him.
8516704226_202baf3e1c_b ALMONhankwmus_8503
Before Elvis’ rock n roll pink caddy, there was Hank Williams baby blue country caddie that he died in at 29 during 1953.
Elvis was a rising Hayride star and the idea of him playing Hank could have been amazing, but Hanks wife said no and it wasn’t until the 1970s and Sleepy Waters that “The Show He Never Gave” was made into a movie.
Maybe.. maybe if Elvis had done that movie, he might have.. maybe… probably not have died at 42.
hank williams
Elvis Presley was in a movie theatre when his first record was played on the radio. He probably never imagined replacing James Dean in a movie – but – in King Creole, he did.

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