ATIP: Access To Information and Access to Privacy

The Government of Canada has two acts that allow for access to information being held by the Government In Trust of the Public.

The Access to Privacy allows anyone to access information that the Government has about them as a person.

The Access to Information allows anyone to access information that the Government has, that is not about people. So requests are about any Department’s Budget and program.

AH…. it was actually part of three of my positions that I was an ATIP regional co-coordinator, and I can say, people scramble to respond to these, so part of it is that Ottawa to Regions centralized for control, so the next thing will be to empower the regions and decentralize for efficiency….so part of that job was explaining to the public on how to accomplish one. so you can take the employee out of the government, but it’s hard to get the government out of the employee, eh.

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A modern Access to Information Act is long overdue – The …

Apr 1, 2015 – Governments create and hold a large amount of information. In a society that runs on information, access to this information is necessary for us …


Access to Information Act – Lois du Canada

Access to Information Act ( R.S.C. , 1985, c. A-1) … (SI/83-113); Access to Information Act Officers or Employees of the Atomic Energy Control Board Designation …


Access to Information Act – Treasury Board of Canada …

Mar 18, 2014 – This page provides links to the Access to Information Act, its policy instruments and tools necessary for the administration of the legislation.


Requests under the Access to Information Act

Feb 17, 2014 – For all Access to Information Act requests made to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, you must complete the Access to Information …


How to make a request under the Access to Information Act

Sep 23, 2015 – The fee for requests under the Access to information Act is $5.00. To send a request you must be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of …

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There is actually a short cut or work around, any one can write to a sitting MP, without paying any postage and ask them the questions – as long as your letter to your MP ends with “reply requested” – they have to.


I mean even if you have home work questions for schools. Anyone in Canada of any age can sent a letter through Canada Post – and maybe you should have them ask the question about canada post – as this is one of the ways in which a nation is recognized as being a nation, eh?

Find your Member of Parliament using your Postal Code

Note: The dataset provided by Elections Canada uses residential postal codes from the Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act of 2004 for the current 308 …

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