The Pope Worded – Will Actions Follow?

Today The Pope said encouraging words – but that is all that they are. Words are sounds and they tend to signify nothing – so will actions follow?


Will he really turn over bishops to civil police authorities to be jailed for molesting children when they were priests and shielding the priests that followed them, and from whose ranks the next bishops and eventually a future Popes will rise?


Meme Fail: one is a rank and file member and the other was a religious leader AND they both are representative

Will he actual compensate victims and their families?


I think we will see the fallacy of the CEO/Leader – one person can’t overturn a corporate culture – the resignation of the previous Pope similarly showed that the job is a figurehead to say the words that will keep the coffers full.


In the early days, there a chief and a priest….now we’re supposed to have separation of state.

So if religion is a personal relationship between a person and their god, then what does anyone need a priest for? or a whole hierarchy of priests?

the early splinters from the Catholic Church replicated all the Pompous Circumstances – but in America, preachers with bibles to thump stumped from town to town, then built themselves a parish, and in the Television Era, those parishes grew into MegaChurch Malls with Wifi – the only  invisible power that most users have no idea how it works – or that it’s a funny but not valid comparison.

WiFi is real.

It is more cost effective in both cash and time to have a personal relationship with reality.


US|After Criticism, Pope Francis Confronts Priestly Sex Abuse…/pope-francis-philadelphia-sexual-abuse.html

3 hours ago – At St. Charles Borromeo Seminary near Philadelphia on Sunday, Pope Francis condemned child abuse and promised to take action against …


Sex Crimes and the Vatican – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sex Crimes and the Vatican (2006) is a documentary film (39 min) filmed by Colm … for 20 years by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger before he became the Pope.


Dear Vatican: About Those Sex Crimes, eh!

How many thousands of victims in how many countries does there have to be before this International Cabal of Pedophile Cannibals is sued out of existence? In Canada, the three Churches – Catholic, Anglican and I forget the other xtian … Continue reading


Dear Pope: Vatican Sex Crimes

When did Pedophile Cannibals become a source of ethics and morality?   The Catholic Church is not only the oldest branch of Christianity, it is in fact the world’s oldest multinational corporation.   With their private army, The Knights Templar, … Continue reading


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