The Battle of the Burbs: BC’s BSitudes

254844_10150294260251224_539531223_9517780_8324157_n b5e655b302f53a132f769496c70945e9363aaca769ab6bb9ae64726b4f5e2dce
over on Canada’s Wet Coast – in the warmest yet least friendly city

Vancouver in what we call British Columbia

where we don’t tan – we rust in the rain
we haven’t started glowing in the dark eh


Dear Christy Clark: Peak Vancouver

Vancouver Fatigue.. New Westminster was supposed to be the capitol of the province, but it was moved to Victoria to make it harder for the US military to sack it. Which is also why Ottawa was settled on swamplands- avoiding … Continue reading


Vancouver Views: Jane Fonda dares VPD to arrest her

Give us This day June 13, Our Daily Elvis 1977 Elvis called President Jimmy Carter to try to help out his friend George Klein in a federal court case. June 14, 1977 President Carter returned Elvis phone call at 5.18 … Continue reading

Remember The Francis Street Incident: Vancouver 1991

  it’s like the fucking 90s in Vancouver again.… housing crunch, workers who can’t afford to live in the cities and displaced people     a shrinking middle class… conflict to thin out the herds, pandemics   seriously, even us … Continue reading


CanCon Pridelets: The Lesbian Avengers, Vancouver BC Chapter

The Lesbian Avengers from Seattle Washington came up for the initial meeting. We really liked the T-Shirts We never learned to breath the fire, but we did do a pride parade and a few actions. We stopped traffic in the … Continue reading


Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Aug 22, 2013 – Vancouver on Vent Day

First stop – paying my universal health care monthly fee. Second stop – something fun as a reward for step one as coffee shops and pamphleteers were to the Elizbethan Era so are coffee shops and blogging today agoraphobic philosopher’s … Continue reading

Rainbow crossing 6

Vancouver’s Gay Village just got gayer!

Bute and Davie – Canada’s First Rainbow Crosswalk Took a trip downtown Vancouver today and had to see the new crosswalk!

The View of Vancouver From Surrey…

  I used to love the City of Vancouver. In the early 1990s I would prowl the streets with my Lesbro Sidekick – a straight geek guy named James. We were roommates and spent our time playing Dungeons and Dragons … Continue reading

Agoraphobic Outing!

I am going out later today to see the Amy Winehouse documentary at the Rio Theatre on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. Not sure if we’re driving or Skytraining yet. From acclaimed documentarian Asif Kapadia (SENNA) comes one of the most … Continue reading


BC Lower Mainland Bridges: For Whom the Bridge Tolled

West Vancouver shares The Lions Gate Crossing with North Vancouver – which also has the Iron Workers Memorial aka Second Narrows Crossing. The Lions Gate Bridge was built waaay back in the 1920s – a similar bridge in the USA … Continue reading


The Movie Meta Date Post About Dating Movies: Pacific Cinematheque

The Pacific Cinematheque is an arthouse theatre and it is a major host of many film festivals and events in Vancouver BC. One of the film festivals that I saw was a slate of films about AIDS or people with … Continue reading

Mr Harper – I had a house

My parents become home owners when I was in high school. I became a home owner, as a government employee, but some one else lives in the house I put a 40 year roof on, new gutters, double glazed argon … Continue reading

I used it as the location for this short film I produced in 2004.

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