Olivia Newton-John’s 67th B-Day

Happy 67th Birthday ONJ! hey and it’s copyright free now

From her early country days to rockin global domination and replacing tours with tv specials and making music videos mandatory – Olivia Newton-John is 67 today.


Blaring the Grease Soundtrack and dancing it out with school chums, Xanadu’s special effects one of the last of the animated before computers took over and putting women’s sexuality on the charts in an uncoy way.

Rock n Roll Movies: Olivia Newton-John

In Australia, Olivia was in a short lived band called Tomorrow and they made a science fiction movie. In England, she was a regular guest on the late 1960s/early 1970s Cliff Richards tv variety show. And she jumped the pond … Continue reading

PopPopPop Culture: Olivia Newton-John

  Ah the summer of Grease and elementary school memories of the huge cassette player and dancing to the soundtrack with the school mates……..   the golden era of Hollywood was 1939 escapism from the drab depression – Wizard of … Continue reading

Elvis vs Olivia Newton John

When I was a kid, I would set my portable record player beside the stereo and try to line up the songs to make them duet.     I kinda got my wish….

Channel your Inner Elvis with Olivia Newton John!

  Lisa Ferguson would bring her cassette player and the Grease soundtrack to school. She was a cute blonde with a stage mom. None of the boys would dance like John Travolta. I had been impersonating Elvis since I was … Continue reading


When 70s Girls Sang the 50s Boy Songs

The Stone Poneys girl singer, Linda Ronstadt broke out as solo performer covering Hank Williams’ Lovesick Blues, Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison tunes. She ranged all over genres and even appeared as herself on The Simpsons. Sad day for music: … Continue reading

dressed-in-80s  womens-gym-melissa

Music: from radio to live to digital

Buddy Holly didn’t want to do that tour, he was driven into it to support the release of a single artists used to release a single, promote it. repeat until they had 5 singles, then those were collected onto albums … Continue reading


Song Off: Newton v Newton-John

Who sang it better?     the original hitmaker: Juice Newton   the album track recorder: Olivia Newton-John


Culture Shock – an ONJ album track

  My fave track from Olivia Newton-John’s Soul Kiss disc is Queen of the Publican. When I was writing my 3 day novels and screenplays,I would play music to get me in the emotional mood and I found this disc … Continue reading

526086-olivia-newton-john  Olivia-olivia-newton-john-16271877-300-402

Movie Review: Two of a Kind

Olivia Newton John and John Travolta set the silver screen ablaze as Sandy and Danny in Grease. I remember that there was even a tv special that they co-hosted to reach out to kids and teens to warn them away … Continue reading


Australia’s Elvis: Vote now three way poll

Aussie Gal Contender: Olivia Newton-John. Not just because she’s related to a nobel prize winning physicists – but because she proved that you didn’t have to be from the US south to sing credible country. The hostiltiy in the Nashville … Continue reading


It’s My Party is one of the few mainstream movies about a gay character.

Olivia, in addition to the country controversy, also had lesbian rumours in her early career. She’s only dated and married men as far as I know, but she has been an ally of the queer community and strangely,  one of the few gay adored women who isn’t female impersonated like Cher, Bette Midler and others who more courted us as a market niche.

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  2. thefeatheredsleep says:

    She’s on tour right now and she’s going to be in my city. I’m seriously thinking of going!

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