Pope-A-Palooza USA: Republicans Implode

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America 1960s – the public panics that John F Kennedy, if elected, would put America under the yoke of the Pope.


1980s – Ronald Reagan convinced the South that the Democrats care more about wildlife than worker’s lives – as if Republicans care about any company at all, when they are CEOs.

The idea of the affable president you could have a beer with was born and ignorance became better than elitist knowledge.


2015 – The Speaker of the House brings The Pope and now, Republican John Boehner is resigning – the Evangelical Righteous wing now calling for healing and togetherness to shut down the government. Again.


god is a registered republican?

“Why God Chose Me To Be Your Next President” by Michael Huckabee Official 2016 Republican candidate Mike Huckabee pens this essay on why he’s the Chosen One. Continue reading politicalgarbagechute.com blasphemy is duty -and they are the ones who set … Continue reading


1 Cup 1 Conservative

Jerry Bance, was a contractor hired by the CBC’s Marketplace to conduct a sting, and knowing that, he urinated in a COFFEE CUP! and dumped his urine in the kitchen sink. Knowing there were hidden cameras and he was part … Continue reading

14GOPMemeGen 21e0107666b23294be2a9591c48992ac

The Donald Promises “No Canada Wall”

The Donald, aka Donald Trump is running for Republican Leadership and it is possible his hair will run as Vice President. There will not be a wall between the USA and Canada, which is just as well, it’s not like … Continue reading

232323 1383656_7704094996527911

PrimateWatch: 90th Anniversary of The Monkey Trial 1.0

The actual science teacher didn’t teach the class. John T. Scopes did and he knew it was going to be a trial, just not quite so literally. 90 years ago Religion vs Science in the courts over the public school … Continue reading

35427739222b308cd3dc1da2369c8e340ed5c954ec1c7622223eb9fed08eccc1 GOP-Boehnor-jobs-funny-300x300

Equality Watch: ‘Stralia Down Under eh?

Mr. Tony Abbott Prime Minister of Australia: Call for a Free Vote on the issue of “Marriage Equality” at August Liberal Party Room meeting in Canberra – Sign the… petition on Change.org. US think tank asks ‘Is Tony Abbott the … Continue reading

gop-translator republican_meme_by_party9999999-d3arij7

LOLStraights: Did Ted Cruz sing it or not?

Memo to Ted Cruz: You are not a Friend of Dorothy’s. Ted Cruz Sings “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” To No … nationalreport.net/ted–cruz-sings-somewhere–rainbow-no-reaction-iowa/ 2 days ago – Sources in Iowa allege that Senator Ted Cruz broke into an awkard rendition of … Continue reading

voting_republican_sm 201501_2326_adidg_sm

Community Standards are set by communities (Public Opinion 101)

Jeb Bush Disqualifies Himself From Office By Refusing To Say SC Shooting Was Racially Motivated Even though the shooter has admitted that his motivation for murdering nine African-Americans at a South Carolina church was racially motivated,…politicususa.com ….How does that disqualify … Continue reading

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Memo to All Ethnic Purists of all demographics RE: Optics

The KKK are worried about their image? They are unaware they are embarrassments to all white people ? Having an opinion and being able to express it is freedom of speech. having a negative opinion of others and attempting to … Continue reading

Bush_Saud donald-trump-memes_12

Only the Shittiest Pretend Systemic and Ethnic Oppression Doesn’t Exist

“It’s obviously a crime of hate. Again, we don’t know the rationale, but what other rationale could there be?” Santorum pretends he doesn’t know racism exists in order to twist christian on christian violence? How can he position  … Continue reading

jeb-bush-president-stats n1457

Understanding Rape Culture 101

religion: it’s a mental health issue – and primarily a male mental health issue. Pat Robertson: Second Hand Clothes Could Have DEMONS In Them! (video) Have you ever bought clothes from a second hand store and immediately felt the presence…aattp.org … Continue reading

ndw8u trump-vs-corn-who-wore-it-better-meme

And in this corner: MAGIC UNDERWEAR Destiny Boy!

Mitt Romney To Fight Evander Holyfield. You Read That Right Former 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is picking another fight — with Evander Holyfield, the former heavyweight…www.npr.org  magic underwear destiny boy needs to be beaten up.  i dont understand … Continue reading


Dear Conservative Ladies Against Women

why is she not in the kitchen? she shouldn’t be on tv taking away a job from a man who could be doing it for more money! shouldn’t she be making some man a sandwich? Ann Coulter Rips Michelle Obama … Continue reading

1975173_787061091319047_361900415_n b9f1855805a5bbab888cbce9d62b88877fe258bf7054d9dc7f2f7c85898965ef

Stephen Harper vs Women

  in his first term, he removed “equality” from the Status of Women, slashed them from 17 offices to 5 and caused a massive defunding of social groups – women’s community centers – across the country. in his second term, … Continue reading

bachmannongaybullying 73fb4d71f66f4ede46281ec7b5cb3c45

I am white and I support food stamps more than war

Ron Paul: Black lawmakers oppose war because they want the money for food stamps Former GOP congressman derides anti-war allies VIDEO salon.com|By Luke Brinker  There are more white people on food stamps.  Such an idiot. Like father like son.  Yes, … Continue reading

18a4f3bf38d98b0f8cd8af19687980dcc8920a1472158922b2c087e151e03dca ann-coulter

Canada vs USA: Are we really different?

Marriage Equality became the law in Canada in 2004, only 11 years ago. It is certainly astonishing to see heterosexuals in Canada act as if they were any better than how many Americans are responding to marriage equality there. PM … Continue reading


Finding the Funny: Religion vs Sex

Earlier today,a facebook pal presented me with a comedy challenge. Some male religious guy is calling for women to be mass genitally mutilated or sterilized. Sharia law in Canada, almost A 2004 report recommending that Muslim faith-based tribunals be allowed … Continue reading

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