Gaming: from Hand/Eye to the Whole Body Experience

Gauntlet_game_flyer old-cpo

Gauntlet – the Basic Dungeon Crawl – kill the monsters, grab the treasure and Monty Haul it to the next level – Warriors, Rogues, Mages Oh My!


Dragon’s Lair brought animation into gaming and only the best players could work those basic controls: the Cartoon Ideal version and you fiddling and then it showed you what you really did and where you died…..

indiana-pole-position021118223525 afterburner

Pole Position: A Racing Car Game changed the console to a Steering wheel gear shift and a foot pedal. This was one game where I did leaderboard at my fave comic book store that no longer exists.

From the stand up racers to the sit down game version from cars to fighter jets in Afterburner.

758_after-burner-climax-arcade 1181242155152

The games began to become closer to the actual simulators used by the Military for training fighting, while the actual practice of war has become closer to video gaming, eh?

From the sky to the stars – Star Wars that is: one of the first video games I sat in to play.

1181242172188Cabinet-White-top 1181242172216

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