ElvisWorld: Scatter The Chimp


Elvis Presley was gifted a number of exotic animals, which he donated to the Memphis Zoo – such as this Australian Wallaby from the 1950s.

Scatter lived with Elvis at Graceland and traveled to LA while Elvis made movies.

9beeca56a3a4614a94a4f523c4238078 1383758710-0 Lamar File Gig Young Scatter and Elvis

During the 1960s, Elvis Presley’s second Chimpanzee, Scatter, became rather infamous.

Scatter liked to rush at women and pull their skirts up. He also drank alcohol and turned into a total primate.

Elvis Presley, famous as a child for his warbling “Old Shep” and then burlesqueing “Hound Dog” – didn’t ever have much luck with his canine companions either – he ranged from the small toy dogs Gladys preferred to the larger Chows and Great Danes.

The Hillbilly Cat was not fond of cats, although Lisa Marie had a cat when she was a child at Graceland.

Elvis had peacocks for a while, until he caught them resting on his Rolls Royce and scratching the paint.

He had horses – and when he got Graceland it was undeveloped and the City of Memphis grew out to extend around Graceland.

The image of Elvis is the strip mall that was mostly rededicated to Elvis shops when I was there in 1987 but those Mom n Pop shops were since replaced by more licensed larger stores.

elvis_with_elephant2elvis on horseback

Col Parker’s fave animal of all was The Elephant.

It is really too bad that there isn’t any news reel footage of the Elvis Presley all midget fan club that Parker arranged the Elephant and banner for, eh.

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