Dear Vatican: About Those Sex Crimes, eh!

How many thousands of victims in how many countries does there have to be before this International Cabal of Pedophile Cannibals is sued out of existence?

In Canada, the three Churches – Catholic, Anglican and I forget the other xtian flavour – sorta took responsibility for the Indian Residential Schools

Their defense was that the Government Failed to properly instruct them to not rape, abuse and murder and failed to ensure proper oversight.

thus, the taxpayers paid instead of the churches who benefited.

the catholic church/jesuit run orphanages and schools for the deaf are still trying to be compensated.

there was a really good miniseries in the 1990s that ran in Canada and was censored in the USA called Boys of St Vincents  with a follow up: The Boys of St. Vincent: 15 Years Later (1992)

It’s not just catholics and other christians, it’s also not just the Abrahamic trilogy of Jude-christ-islam – it’s in other religions as well. The Tibet Buddhist take the peasant’s second son to be a monk and the Hindu caste system is deplorable.

religion does not enlighten, it holds one into a place

freedom is the distance between Church and State

Churches are businesses and need to be taxed accordingly and there is no reason to give private members clubs all the social advantages that they have had.

The Vatican is the centre of the global economy, banking was invented by the Templars.

They hold not only the artistic wealth and the gold and gem wealth – but the documentation of the European history in their vaults.

They are not good shepards, they are wolves who prey on the children of the fold.

it’s why the religious are sheeple, to the steeple, and get flocked.

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The Catholic sexual abuse scandal in Europe has affected several dioceses in … and how the Vatican ensures that known crimes against children are reported to the police. …. The church resisted demands to pay compensation to victims.


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