Deny Delay and Discuss: Disasters and Catastrophic Evolution

Dear Governments: Putting Young Earth Creationists in charge of preparedness and environmental sciences is not okay.

disaster weather is not related to what humans do with their genitals, and disasters are not “deserved” or caused by the fact that abortions occur or that some people are queer.


Disasters can be predicting to some degree, but only as good as the tools that government funds and supports

and mitigated only in so much as governments listen – building codes, zoning, inter-agency co-ordination between cities, regions (provinces/states) and federal levels and international – help and assistance – sharing the same environmental and labour codes to protect the workers, the consumers and the people of the futures

-Super-Volcano-(English)---BBC images movie_tsunami_214x315

we adapt or we die out, but we don’t have to hurry the process. there is no need to allow the world to end because some people are that selfish


extraordinary claims need extraordinary proof – atheism is the rejection of the theist’s claim. it is not a separate claim and it is an equal rejection of all religions, there are none better than any other. that’s akin to asking which is the best tasting poison.


so we cannot plan government around what some people chose to believe

we have to work from reality and for everyone, eh?

Tom the Dancing Bug 1255 national geografox

We have only three options

  1. Do nothing, which already has shown is not effective.
  2. Prepare and mitigate to the best building codes while regulating industry
  3. keep debating and die out

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