heros in heels: Faye Grant

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Greatest American Hero was a tv teacher turned reluctant hero and government agent.

80s Hunk of Eddie and the Cruise Fame, Michael Pare played the Fonzie Student. Faye Grant played a student before being Julie Parrish in the 1980s mini-series V.


While Faye Grant battled aliens on V, her real life husband Stephen Collins was played a Indie Jones Type explorer before the 7th Heaven and in 2014 Faye Grant outed her husband as a sex offender against minors.

Apparently there was some confusion with playing a priest and being one? or it’s just that much of religion and priest culture?


bring_em_back_alive 1460c503533ceaffe9133cb36ed30635 73fbc17017f259c82dbbe0e56a8445bc

Bruce Boxleitner Brought Em Back Alive in 1940’s Singagore defending the wild against poachers before Star Captaining Babylon 5 and being the UN of the Universe, eh?

TV Miniseries to Series: V and V (rebooted)

First, there was a tv miniseries – V – Nazi Aliens takeover the Earth and a few people figure out they are Reptiles. A Second miniseries has the human resistance use science to hybrid a bacteria and make the Visitors … Continue reading

0 Julie_conversion_267 v31

80s SciFi: V from miniseries to series and reboot



Sometimes I miss DOS…..

80s Movies: Eddie and The Cruisers

  Rockploitation films in the 80s returned to the 50s with La Bamba and Dirty Dancing as the big hits of the genre. Eddie and The Cruisers is an enduring cult fave and one of the most hysterical arguments I … Continue reading




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