Preparedness: Emergency to Disaster then Recovery

I was a Girl Guide in the 1970s and I learned 2 things:

  1. Be Prepared
  2. How to Sell

1980 – Mount St. Helen’s, Washington, USA


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1986 – my introduction to Geology 12 – in Surrey BC was the Teacher asking if anyone had relatives in Richmond BC. I, alone, put my hand up.

“Well! You won’t after a 6.5 quake in the lower mainland.”


What Katrina did to New Orleans – Richmond BC is on a river dune, which will not be helped by dyke pumps.

I continued to learn about geology over my life, but it wasn’t until I worked in the Federal Government where emergencies became part of my work – there weren’t any on my watch. Security Incidents, yes. Disasters…. well. POV eh? My hobbyist continued education was totally a benefit.

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so – you want to

  1. Prepare for all likely and probable disasters
  2. Mitigation and Contingency Planning
  3. Recovery and Continuance Planning

We know doing not much to reduce our industrial impact hasn’t helped.

We do know that we we take steps, we can eliminate – Acid Raid was the big scary thing and environmental regulations ended that entirely… In North America… mostly Canada where we do a lot of outdoors stuff and we have wilderness still….because most of our land is not really habitable, although now…. with better than picks and shovels, better than chained or wage slaves

we do have better ways and no reasons to not be using them

what we need is leadership in integrating technologies and balancing the haves and the have nots

with clearly defined areas of do not want to haves… but that is another post….

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9 Responses to Preparedness: Emergency to Disaster then Recovery

  1. Hello,

    My name is Robert McLean and I own the website name ‘ ‘

    I started a campaign to sell ‘ ‘ to on of the 190 municipalities of BC and then one of the large cities in Canada.

    Suffice is to say that I still own the name.

    I was asking for $19,000 canadian which is cheap by any standards.

    you would not believe the level of disinterest expressed, or more accurately, disinterest not expressed.


    emergency preparedness is given only lip service as you well know is stock and trade for the slippery, lying elected civil servants.

    Robert McLean
    owner of


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