An author jumps the shark on evolution

Critical Thinking for Consumers:
Understanding the Source 101

Professional Experts contribute to the general pool of knowledge.

While Marketers Cash In. it is actually that simple.

Offering a weak and wishy washy maybe everyone is a little bit right is not an opinion or valid position.

Religion is an opinion lacking professional standards of basic academics and there is no debate – there is only refusal to let go of the past and be in the modern world.

I think this book scribbler more than “jumps the shark” it “nukes the fridge”

Knowledge is what you gain through learning, not what you wish and hope is true, as always,

Follow the Facts!

raw recovery specialist

Why Evolution Is True

Wikipedia describes Perry Marshall like this:

Perry Sink Marshall (born April 10, 1969) is an American online marketing strategist, entrepreneur, and author of several books, most notably the bestsellers Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords and Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising. He speaks at conferences and corporate events and runs seminars about Google AdWords and Pay-per-click advertisingaround the world.

Now I’m the last person to totally discredit someone’s opinions about science merely because they don’t have degrees in science, but I have to say that Marshall’s new book, Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design, looks pretty dire. Although I haven’t read it, its description sounds as if the guy really doesn’t have any idea what modern evolutionary biology says. First, he does have a degree in engineering, though, as we know, even if we consider engineers “scientists,” their profession harbors a disturbing number of anti-evolutionists.


Marshall has also described himself as a devout Christian

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