“This is not how I wanted my 15 minutes Kim”

“Like she’s the only clerk in the office”

“I’m gonna get memed”

“Dibs on her chair”

“But I’m The Mary in the Office!”

“This is not happening, this is not happening”

Up North, in Canada, it is very interesting to watch the fallout in America in the aftermath of their Supreme Court pulling them into last century.

It is most interesting to watch the heterosexual response, as if this didn’t also play out in Canada 10 years ago.

In The Dominion of Canada, marriage licenses are administered by The Provinces or Territory and is a Federal responsibility.

In The United States Of America – each state had that authority and the Federal level co-ordinates, so marriage laws have varied much wider over the USA than Canada – in terms of allowable ages, forcible conditions (usually pregancy) and to what degree of relative one may marry – and in the early dates of the State-nations the number of wives.

Many cultures around the world allow a man to have as many wives and concubines as he can afford or can stand. There are a few cultures where a woman will marry brothers into a family – polyandry is rarer – although, it makes more sense – it depends on the gender balance and value in a given society.

Anyway, in Canada – common law marriage equality occurred in English Canada in 2000 – Quebec being based in the Napolenic Code for their province, does not recognize common law at all.

Common law marriage is a United Kingdom thing whereby peasants who couldn’t afford church rates, were deemed married if they lived long enough together (2 years) or had produced offspring. That veneer of respectability in an early inclusion and balancing for economic status : what people think “politically correct” means.

Aside: George W Bush (aka Bush the Elder) was the first public speaker of the phrase “politically correct” – it was a phrase to express the media word “optics” – when instead of being a lens assembly verb -it got nouned to mean “how to make bad things sound nice”.

The right wing, now having a pleasanter sounding word to replace all the curt and vulgar sounding actual bigotted labels they hurl with vindictiveness at people, they can now whine and hand wring and act as if they are the victim for no longer being allowed to monodominated the public square.

Complaining about “inclusion” or “political correctness” is actually an assertion that the speaker is a bully and everyone else is just unwilling to admit they are bullies.

To which I say, that is a case of projection than a pot/kettle situation – them thinking everyone else is secretly as bad as they are is how they scapegoat and excuse their reprehensible belief system and why all conversations with godbots are zero sum circle jerks.

PM Paul Martin signed marriage equality into law under the threat of excommunication from the Catholic Church.

The Vatican tried to interfere with every single court case – which is entirely against the Charity Act but also the separation of Church and State – it is not just a phrase, it means keep the business separate.

Politicians are not elected to religion, they are elected to government.

When I got my marriage license in 2004 – the province had subcontracted marriage license to London Drugs – yes, the private sector chain store.

There were no cases of retail clerks refusing licenses – there were some cases of provincial marriage commissioners who performed marriages – these are secular and while churches were allowed to refuse to perform ceremonies – the marriage commissers, licensed by the province who did secular services for people where not allowed to refuse same gender couples.

I did not want to go to a store for my license, I went to the Vital Stats office.

The Provincial Ministries and Federal Departments often share buildings, but that wasn’t one of the buildings I worked in.

At the vital stats office there was open office bullpen and I was shocked in a cubicle/workstation world to see actual 1970s metal desks with the faux wood like the station wagons of that era.

I counted 12. only 2 were occupied and by that I mean 10 desks were completely empty – no one worked at them.

The 2 women who were working were sitting at the farthest possible from each other desks and only those 2 desks had blotters, calculators, pen cup, phones to indicate a person worked there.

It smelled dusty like a basement archive room and I don;t think there was even any plants.

We waited at least 12 minutes without saying a word while the 2 women had a silent pissing contest over which one was getting off their ass first.

Finally one did.

5 minutes into the exchange a man showed up and waited at the head of the line. That other woman sat for another 5 or 7 minutes hoping we’d be done so that she wouldn’t have to get up.

Finally he said can you help me and she got up to issue him a fishing or hunting license, he ended up being done before, there was no issue getting the license one we were served at the counter; it just took 25 minutes – on top of the waiting with no line and no one being served or acknowledged to be in the room.

Snivel Service or Uncivil Service….something about getting what you pay for….

I vaugely remember thinking I was glad to be a Fed and not a Provincial worker

and had remember the Kamloops or Kelowna (one of the K Cities) incident from the year or two before, under Premiere Gordon Campell the cuts to the provincial ministries and staff..

I do not recall the ministry, but there was a micro manager who had been complained about by many of his staff, so they were going to fire him for good cause as it turned out.

his exit interview didn’t go well – he killed his union rep and his manager and then himself

the building was in lockdown for hours because they didn’t know he had taken himself out at first

the police didn’t have plans of the building

Worst-case scenario Vancouver earthquake could have …


16 hours ago – The death toll is estimated at nearly 10,000 in Metro Vancouver with more … Emergency Management B.C. “If we plan for the worst case, then we …. The niqualy quake that happened in 2001 happened in olympia washington.

something else Vancouver should consider
when the quake hits there will be at least 6 feet of glass in the city streets
it will be impossible to get around or out
with the military base in chilliwack devoid of military – there is no help to arrive within 3 weeks
not just 72 hours
three week… 21 days….
there will be No Richmond – lulu island will liquifaction – no airport – all of richmond – gone – too hard to imagine
what does that have to do with Kim Davis?
who do you want in charge?
someone who thinks disasters happen because of what people do with their genitals and thus “deserve it”
or someone who understands science and mitigation and business resumption?
we need more separation of religion in government than people realize
which is what I would be thinking if I was that woman beside Kim Davis
because I am a lesbian and I was a federal government department employee
and what Kim Davis is doing is not just a disservice to the public in refusing to do her job
she is also demeaning her co-workers
she is an example of a religious person and that is incompatible with secular law and professional ethics.

The Canadian War on Queers

About the Book Selected for the 2011 Over the Rainbow Book List, a Book List from Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Round Table of the American Library Association From the 1950s to the late 1990s, agents of the state spied … Continue reading

… I got gay divorced…the social pressure and hostility was a contributing factor….
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