Pope offers forgivess to contrite abortionatrixes

Pope Francis, desperately seeking to stem the loss of revenue and bums in seats, offers forgiveness to women who have had abortions as long as they are reallly sorry.


He had previously offered to be inclusive of queers as long as we act straight.

Dear Pope: You wear a dress and live in a castle with mens.


350px-World_population_(UN).svg current-pop-jpeg

graph_countries_projection gt1f

It is as if they think that numbers is what makes the religion right, when all the fractions of the same and the plethora of very different ones. religion is a cultural product and they belong not in the digital age, but studied.


yes, they are all different gods and some goddesses and a whole ranges of demi beings

all arising from their cultures, where and when people gathered together against the night and dangers

The Pope Roll-Up Post

the Pope is in charge of the world’s original and longest operating multi-national corporation – who gets money for nothing and their altar boys for free.  I dislike thinking about him, I dislike communicating about him.  … Continue reading


ReligionWatch: The Pope vs Dali Lama

So if the pope and dali lama meet and they do not cancel each other out, can we finally stop pretending there are people mouth pieces for a deity or supernatural non-personalized force? Pope won’t meet Dalai Lama out of … Continue reading


Religion is why we can’t have nice things, like Equality, eh?

it is starting to become clear how they come up with degrees of rape, eh? this is martial rape and why women have/gotten/need the ability to access divorce and not be coerced by religious family counseling; under which – this … Continue reading


Sovereignty: The personal vs The Political

Freedom of religion is about people’s choices. Freedom From religion, ensures people’s choices. Freedom is the distance between church and state.   Nina K Tryggvason probably because the last round hasn’t healed enough to survice a second. if … Continue reading


P4: People, Profits, Prophets and Potluck

separation of corporation and state – Canada edition   The BC Government thinks a good price for a million litres of groundwater is…$2.25 Nestlé is pretty okay with that. (We’re not okay with that.) action.sumofus.org That is unbelievable!! Disgusting yeah. … Continue reading

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