Building Codes vs Emergency Preparedness

Canada, British Columbia –

Trending on the news is *WW2 Vet* dies in stairwell after Blackout Fall at elderly carehouse facility.

Complete with hand-wringing relatives and now paranoid with cause co-residents.

How could this happen?

Profits over people, the facility will be in compliance with whatever conditions are required under their licensing.

The bottom line is that he chose to walk down a dark stairwell and exceeded his ability.

What could have happened?

They did have battery operated lights for these situations and they failed.

Events like this tend to be a series of mis-steps, both by participants, stakeholders and regulators. It is always why did the government, which we demand to be small, not prevent this preventable thing?

They could have have glow in the dark low-tech paints at the stair edges, increased friction surfaces. But these cost initial money and some maintenance and are not really billable back.

They could have locked the stairwells, but that increases other risks.

right now, BC Hydro’s best PR tactic would  be to deliver a food basket, water and showerless toiletries to homes still without power

and prepare to just pay or credit everyone $300 for lost food and inconvenience.

It is curious to me, people who chose to live remotely and expect service on par with high density cities.

There is a difference between government run and private owned, and only one is a monopoly we the people agreed to, eh?

people not profits

people not prophets

people not corporations

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from my original blog:

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