Dispatches from the Dark

Well, on Day 1 (yesterday) of a forecast 4 day storm in the lowermainland the power went off mid-day – some 400,000 lower mainland residents went without power.


For a while it was very confusing – faces as blank as screens, those with wifi gadgets were able to continue functioning, but eventually, everyone had to realize that there were other people in their houses.

decisions had to be made about fridges and freezers – and many BBQ, it’s an all round cuisine in Canada – after all once the stuff in the freezer unfreezes – cooking everything on mass lets you re-freeze it cooked – once a month cooking techniques adaptive situational-wise; needs must, eh


I never got that Little Mosque on the Prairie gag about the couple with 2 BBQs, I had 2 – one propane and one wood/lump charcoal. I despise briquettes they are sawdust, coal dust and glue


Family Radio to Family entertainment centre



Standing Offer Program – BC Hydro


BC Hydro is implementing a Standing Offer Program to encourage the development of small and clean energy projects throughout British Columbia.

How We Got Screwed on Terasen Deal | The Tyee

Aug 15, 2005 – During the Vander Zalm years the Gas division of BC Hydro was hived off … And a Texas pipeline company, Kinder Morgan, plucked and took over … I only raise Hydro because if that is sold to American shareholders it will be …

Jordan River residents say they don’t want to sell to BC Hydro


Dec 5, 2014 – Jordan River residents say they don’t want to sell to BC Hydro … Just seven days letter, Lambert received an email from BC Hydro. …. Edwin Encarnacion runs the bases on a home run in the sixth inning against the Texas …

BC Hydro opposes First Nations’ fight to stop Site C dam …


Aug 19, 2015 – A lawyer for BC Hydro says a stop-work order on the Site C hydroelectric dam would have a big impact on … HOT TOPICS Windstorm Texas shooting …. Air Canada not honouring ‘glitch’ that sold flight packages for 90% off 2.

Most remaining Crown corporations defy privatization …


Sep 30, 2014 – Most remaining Crown corporations defy privatization. After a steep decline beginning in the 1980s, the ones that remain aren’t hurting the …

What are Crown corporations and why do they exist … – CBC


Apr 1, 2012 – Every few years, there are renewed calls from various camps within Canada to privatize Crown corporations. Some of the most significant …

Crown Corporations develop resources to benefit the resource holders, the taxpayers  and the consumers, said taxpayers.
Private Corporations exploit a business niche that uses resources to the benefit of stock holders, at the cost of taxpayers who are also consumers.
When I was a little kid, everyone was given 5 shares in the province and to me, it was an exciting thing but the adults all said it was a stunt not worth the paper they were printed on.
But then, that’s what intangible benefits are, they aren’t on paper of any kind with any markings
that sense of pride, and participatory ownership of where you live – by voting – by voting with a ballot if you are lucky and with your feet if you are not.
it is time to re-nationalized the crown corporations and bring them back into service for the people who paid their capital costs and infrastructure and integration to all cities and VILLAGES – because Canada is a village – we take care of each other
it’s what we tell ourselves that makes us different than america
in america they seem to be waiting to have shootouts across their streets
in canada we prefer to prevent that kind of event from happening – a social safety network to make sure
people don’t fall down those kind of cracks
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