It’s Getting to be “That Time” Again

Before Halloween is over, the hand wringing over the “war on christmas” begins, even though


RETAILERS are preparing, even now before summer is actually over and Labour Weekend – retailers are planning to put out both Halloween and Christmas crap on sale.

Thankgiving is way bigger in the USA and in the wrong month, than in Canada, eh?

Anyway – in Capitolism World – The Economy Stupid – the year is centred on the biggest perpetual sales season:  Merry THANKSGIVEOWENMAS


in 2011, I wrote on my original blog:

It’s That Time of Year Again

The annual war on the mythical war on Christmas.

I celebrate solstice and I have no problem with other people celebrating whatever holiday makes them happy; but it doesn’t need to be a civic holiday for people to celebrate, after all, the people in secular nations who aren’t christian, don’t get their religious holidays as civic holidays.

So either no religion gets their special days as statutory holidays or they all get their days as statutory holidays.

But all or none, and no pretending that all are equal when one religion is favoured over the others by governments who aren’t supposed to be supporting any.




in 2015

in Canada

there is now one


There is no reason for any religion to have a government sanctioned statutory holiday

People are free to practice their chosen culture and they have vacation and leave banks for that.

There is now a legal war on Christmas and that will get their little Easter too.


It is not a fair burden to employers to pay all employees for every possible religion’s holiday as paid leave or as double pay working.

and it is against the secular law of the land for government to favour one over another, so


the question needs to be asked – why have we been?







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