TV Specials: Jack Frost

Jack Frost

Rankin and Bass produced probably most of the must watch tv specials around Christmas and Easter, as well as the original animated Hobbit/LOTR movies, The Last Unicorn and many many more.

One of my fave was Jack Frost, it showed more of the magic world behind our world.. well behind the world of humans.

frost10 199z3z1mu3kk4jpg

Kubla Kraus and Bergermiester – the villians had a rather Russiany-Germanic demographic, it was post WWII and Cold War Era-tainment – old world tales being reimagined in the North American context.

Bmmb santa_comin_town

The technology of them doing this – stop motion, one frame, move the puppet figure, one frame….

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meanwhile, in Canada,  Nelvana gave us different perspective shows


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