MovieWorld: Ice Queens, romance and aging


Kim Novak was a Hollywood Beauty Starlette and an Hitchcock Ice Queen.

In Pal Joey, Kim plays the Good Girl to Rita Hayworth’s Very Bad Girl and eventually wins the Scrounger Sinatra.

What I found most funny was making everything sleazy into France/French to make it “classy” – the intro into the outside of marriage sex with Frank and Rita and then her waking up the next morning – looking good for the first time in the movie and speaking french with the maid;  and the Chezy Joey nightclub that was supposed to be all class with the Kin Novak french hoop skirt almost strip scene – to reinforce america pure and french decadent

I have to wonder, when movies show people enjoying live entertainment – it always seem to be nothing you’d actually go to see.

Frank Sinatra made the bobbysoxxers swoon in the 1940s and he hit his peak in the 1950s movies and then – ELVIS – and everything changed for the Rat Pack – they played mafia run Vegas and put the cool face on danger.

While the Hays Movie Code shifted sexual tension to violence;  in some ways, they movies can be subversive — but most are trying to uphold a social code that was ridiculous

I had no idea that Kim Novak and Sammy Davis Jr almost destroyed America by dating!

Actually Sammy Davis Jr was the only other watchable entertainer on the Frank Sinatra Welcome Home Elvis special (other than Elvis who mopped the floor with Frank)

The-Rat-pack-on-stageelvis-presley-sammy-davis-jr SammyJrElvis2 

Kim Novack was, like most who go to Hollywood, more attractive than average and then make up cameras, crash diet and other health and esteem destroying corporate culture – Hitchcock famously referred to actors as cattle and believed the performance was in the edit.

Hitch was apparently unthrilled when Kim Novac began dating Sammy Davis Jr and hte myth of Frank the Chairman stepping in to stop that.

The 1960s, brought Elvis his marching orders and he saluted the Col Parker, and played at being a southern Dean Martin in movies – also playing the Hustler Scrounger, with southern charm than jersey street smarts.


Eventually, Novak left Hollywood – while other Blondes fared not so well.

Rita Hayworth was so concerned for her image that she preferred people to think she was a crazy drunk instead of being one of the first celebs with Dementia.

Marilyn Monroe overdosed. Jayne Mansfield was decapitated in a car crash.

Grace Kelly, the pinnacle Hitchcock Girl left Hollywood to be real royalty and died in a car crash.

Kim Novak presented at the 2014 Oscars and caused a major storm about her appearance, the unrealistic standards of beauty women at all ages are held to.,,20808108,00.html

More importantly, she stood up to the bullies that she had fled from before.

Gotta wonder how much the movies reflect vs create the times.

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