Gamering: The Great Outdoors Indoors!

We’ve come a long way from the Duck Hunt Nintendo and the new video games that you have to actually stand up and move to play have amassed rather the astonishing arsenal of game controllers.

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I had gone off consoles once I started Computer Gaming, I enjoy modding and I like to had mod additions, and the computer games tend to be deeper play levels.

From Baldur’s Gate, which was the first video game that gave more than knock on door, kill the monster grab the treasure Monty Haulling. Some encounters you got the best XP for verbally resolving matters.

The Wii was the first game I tried with the motion – at a friend;s house.

it was a sword dueling game, 2 characters on a platform – I won 21 matches in a row.

17 of them with 1 strike that sent the opponant flying off the platform

the rest were 2 hits with one hit on my character

I almost smashed into their tv on one lunge and was so exhausted and dripping with sweat, it had been the longest sustained excersize I had done for a while and I was over 300 pounds.

After a short rest, I was trying to leave and almost fainted at the door – I checked my blood sugar and I was 3.8.

That meant I couldn’t leave, I wasn’t safe to drive – we ordered in food and I had to wait a few hours to stop shaking.



2631526-move logic3_sports_pack_move_ps3 Move_Acc_006 playstation-move-bundle ps_move_wheeel_thumb

I ended up getting a Playstation 3 Motion and a number of move games, but I mostly played Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

mostly to walk around in the wilderness picking plants

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I mean "Don't kill me!"

I mean “Don’t kill me!”

image0042 maxresdefault original

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