Does “Fuck Harper” sign distract other drivers?


An Edmonton man plans to fight a traffic ticket he was given for sticking a crude political message in the rear window of his car.

Rob Wells posted the handmade, pink “F— Harper” sign a week ago to voice his contempt for Stephen Harper’s Conservative government amid the campaign for the Oct. 19 federal election.

Wells was handed a $543 fine under the section of the Highway Traffic Act that prohibits anything that distracts other drivers.

Wells said he was pulled over by Edmonton police 15 years ago, after he put a “F— Ralph” bumper sticker on his car to protest former Alberta premier Ralph Klein’s push for private health care. He wasn’t charged that time.

I do notice that it covers most of the back window, but I am more concerned about people who hang glass, crystals or cds from their rear view mirror and cast light at other people – making a danger for other drivers.

Frankly, the word “Fuck” is more a comma and “Harper” is a new swear word in Canada.


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Jul 1, 2014 – MONTREAL — The CBC is reporting today on a growing social media trend for Canadians to use Prime Minister Harper’s name as a cuss word.


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Apr 11, 2014 – Was the word used spontaneously or purposefully? … There is no way to gauge the overall foulness of Canadian airwaves, but as Toronto-based … Even tee-totaling, early-to-bed Stephen Harper swears behind closed doors.


Drugs, sex & swear words | The Journal

Oct 2, 2008 – Conservatives have taken issue with the use of public funds to support the … Over the last two years, Stockwell Day, Stephen Harper and the rest of the Reform … his Sunday preaching to the Canadian Medical Association.


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