Modern Englishes: Greeks are triggery and grammar is racist

greek literture now must come with a warning that slavery and opression are in the stories

(really shows how they remain effective all these centuries, eh?

correcting the grammar of people in diff demographics than you is now deemed racist

students who are getting to university from socio-economic situations are finding the Greek stores too emotional visceral

the rape and slavery themes in particular

which on one hand, shows how effects them Greeks were

and on the other, shows the shockingly uneven education and exposure people have to actual history

in this age of opinion being more valuable and higher decibel than facts

the idea of grammar being racist is also rather serious, giving that regional dialects and voices are then lost

and we wouldn’t be having a major hiss about the pre-sequel now

because no one would have read to kill a mockingbird if publishers hadn’t made an effort to find people who were writing regional dialects and perspectives

the sad part is that it is still that visceral, so what good is literature

when we don’t learn a thing

91nD8WiLmZL bw_cover go-set-a-watchman-and-to-kill-a-mockingbird kill-mockingbird

RLB Hartman: Nina, which side do you come down on over the controversy about who actually wrote that sequel to TKAM?


John Steinbeck wrote his novels with a pencil and no punctuation

I think Harper Lee wrote that Watchman book and that’s what the publisher saw

something they couldn’t use so they told her to shift the story to the kid view of the backstory in the book TKAM

I do not have the same relationship with TKAM as others do

I am canadian, and I read it one 1970s summer at my grandparents when I was 10

I thought the adults were obviously stupid to be racist

so that part of the novel continues to not impress me

but what I think is funny

is that I assumed Scout was a boy and I couldn’t understand why he was treated differently from the older boy

the idea of a female narrator is what jumped out at me, when I finally realized

I think the publishers deserve part of the writer credit for the first book

people are rarely better than we think and generally are worse

i think that’s why people are upset

when their idols fall off pedastels

To_Kill_a_Mockingbird_poster TO-KILL-A-MOCKINGBIRD

to kill a legacy indeed

something worse than self parody

living to be unaware you’re a villain

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15 Responses to Modern Englishes: Greeks are triggery and grammar is racist

  1. dykewriter says:

    GB: Okay, in the US Poles are called == Pollacks., In the UK we call them Poles. It isn’t abusive. It’s just what we call them.

    AD: “Pollacks” is definitely racist and offensive. “Polish people” is appropriate.

    GB: That’s interesting. UK views –‘Poles’ isn’t seen as racist over here. It’s just an abbreviation.

    Just like ‘Scots’ isn’t offensive to Scottish people.

    Pakis – meaning Pakistani immigrants – are now deemed offensive. But not when I was a boy.

    Italians were called ‘Talies’ – again, just a shortening of the name. Not deemed offensive or non-offensive, the word has just died out.

    The rules of political correctness can be strange.

    Nina: in the 1970s in north america there was a lot of polish and irish bashing
    astonishing, it continues in every Star Trek Franchise

    now, for public debate, all white groups are deemed on par, to the non, even though, white demographics don;t get along.

    it was an entirely open to anyone competition, so had no bearing, but it sure got my resume noticed -I once got statistically counted for being mixed heritage “Icelandic Ukrainian”
    the next week, they changed the field to a pre-set drop drown list instead of being able to enter your own.

    “In the UK we call them Poles. It isn’t abusive. It’s just what we call them.”
    um Gerry : It’s just what we call them.”
    what do they call themselves? and abuse is determined by the reciever and how they take it

    SD: In Canada, we call people from Greece, or who’s forebearers came from Greece, Greeks.
    And we call people who came from Scotland, or who’s ancestors came from Scotland, Scots (or sometimes Scottish)
    I don’t think we need to call Poles “former citizens of Poland, or descendants of former citizens of Poland.”


  2. dykewriter says:

    Nina: Pollacks and Pole and jokes about the population being stupid was more American than Canadian

    we tended to use the maritime provinces as being the dumb end of the nation

    but the prejudices that existed between european nations did not go away because some re-settled in north america on top of the indigenous cultures.

    they have just become more muted as all white demographics are essentially deemed the same in the greater public contest

    of which, white people have more of global in ratio to the demographics of the globe

    but offense is not measureed by the claimed intention of th person doing it

    it is by the audience

    so knowing where you are diving your audience along the story line is critical to being a writer

    especially if you want our of your regional market

    and tv is where that most happened

    Star Trek is Westerns in Space and Star Wars is Space Opera

    movies and tvs have not actually really done quality science fiction

    so in the organized geek world, media fans are practically mundanes and the Lit – book readers are teh real geeks

    and I am totally off topic now, because made my point and now rambling to bury the lead.


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