Water Water everywhere Who has a drop to drink?

2324205_orig  Map_showing_Global_Physical_and_Economic_Water_Scarcity_2006

Most water is oceans or in ice and we’re fracking groundwater

– water scare pics- visceral visuals, eh?

i-893d52cea102bc55beabc519c0b3990b-waterlessearth_woodshole_950-thumb-500x479-74421 i-de5837078e8a8b6f7e8d25c2b15578fb-earthfreshwater-490x500

all water vs water with fresh on the side

hmm. water is actual blue and the sky tone looks pink, so perhaps that’s why the day sky is blue and night is black and not a violet day, eh?

Water vs Air as a bubble on the earth

Water vs Air Bubbles

the earth photobombed by the dark side of the moon

Earth and Moon's dark side


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