The Things Ordinary People Do

ordinarypeople220px-MazesMonstersVHSCover bosom250

Tim Hutton won an Oscar for his first movie – Ordinary People struggling through the aftermath of a death.

Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari played 2 guys pretending to be women to secure an apartment.

220px-M_M_DVD bosombuddies04a bosombuddiesshaving Mazes-and-Monsters-300x240

And, after he replaced Micheal Keaton was the Fast Cute Guy, the terrible Ordinary People knock off “Monsters and Mazes” was re-released with Tom Hanks above the title.

In both of these movies, the older brother has died and the younger brother experiences survivor guilt. In the Hanks flick, the attempt to blame D&D rather than the more obvious family event prevents this being a gamer cult classic flick and instead: Dust Bin

Gamers are the ones who would watch this and insulting the audience… well that’s what ordinary people do to assert dominance and conformity – lowest common denominator blanditude, rather than anything that is creative or co-operative teamwork.

From_the_Earth_to_the_Moon_Title Screen+shot+2011-05-27+at+11.02.19+AM tomhanks--imax-earth2moon2005small vlcsnap-5558

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