HomenGardenTV: RIP Chris Hyndman


The Designer Guys was an adorable gay couple doing fabulous and tasteful designing of spaces and people – suck it Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Most people watching never realized they were not only both gay but also a couple. Everyone who got it, well duh.

I am only hoping it’s a John Ritter unknown condition and not something sordid or Nathalie Woods unresolveable, eh?

updated: um. when the reports said “in an alleyway near” I took that to mean he was out in the neighbourhood.. not falling from the building into the adjacent alley…. 

Updated:  Raw Recovery Specialist: Sleepwalking

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Before I cancelled tv entirely and switched to youtube and dvd/blu rays for less exposure to commericals breaking attention span, I used to enjoy the specialty channels dedicated to home and gardening. Designing from scratch, makeovers and win homes games shows.

Canada’s Suzie Orman: Gail Vaz-Oxlade

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Anyway, it was interesting to watch the same concept shows, but done in the USA, Canada, Australia and in the UK.

To see how people used words like “spacious” to “cozy” to refer to entirely different rooms.

To see where the buyer really has to beware and where the law keeps people honest.

To see amateurs play at professionals and some professionals reveal what a crock their profession is.

Anyway. there was one British Show, I do not recall the name but the premise was rather horrifying: The children redesign the family home and are pushed to the extreme by the designers.

They all showed the disconnect with the family bonds and most of the time the parents were okay with some of the changes, but this one episode, it was everything the Older Son did was a nail in his mother’s heart.

I was pretty sure by the end of the episode that divorce was going to be filed and Mom was leaving the Peacemaker Dad with the 2 boys.

I often wonder what it is that drive people to seek their said 15 mins of fame, or 22 plus commercials for a double dip 30 min program.

Anyway, Steven and Chris were, for many Canadians, the Ambassors of the Gay Community to the Straight Mainstream.

We just want to make you laugh and the world a prettier place to be in for everyone, eh?

Dear Christians: We are Not Into You. Calm Down – Luv The Queers

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