Movie Memories: Tim Curry vs The Three Muskateers

I think Peak Brat Pack might have been the Disney Three Musketeers.

220px-Threemusketeers1993 1993-s640x480

All that sword swishing and tapping the ends together, swearing loyalty and showing off “how to wench” for each other was really more homoerotica than I could stand during the movie, but I had no end of fun teasing my Lebro Posse of 4 Science Fiction Geeks.


It was too much for me, the Metrotown Mall, or Heterotown Centre, whichever – the wenches cast aside, the Guard in disarray, the Three and their minion trap the evil Cardinal Curry in the huge basement grotto escape place.

“WAIT” curry’s voice boomed over the speakers, the packed theatre in Burnaby BC on the edge of their seats, and without a beat:

“What do you say when your parents come home and you’re fucking the dog on the couch and you know the don’t not supposed to be on the couch (really fast on 1 breath)

gasp bleating out loud enough the whole theatre. ” I CAN EXPLAIN!”

almost 200 people watching 5 weirdos laughing during the chase climax and WHAT did she say.

THE THREE MUSKETEERS, Tim Curry (right), 1993, (c) Buena Vista

THE THREE MUSKETEERS, Tim Curry (right), 1993, (c) Buena Vista

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