Nina’s Conservative Semi-Secret

it was the late 1990s, and the Reform Party was being lead by Preston Manning.

I was on my lunch break from my minimum wage retail job, sitting outside the Vancouver Art Gallery.

The Reform Party was trying to do a person on the street style documentary to suggest that they were what the public wanted – no social safety net, smaller government and a law and order agenda. Not very Canadian.

Anyway, I wandered over and was offered a consent form to sign and a dollar to make the contract legal. I agreed.

The camera guy pointed the camera, the microphone gal raised the boom and the director asked the intro question – what are you concerned about?


“I am concerned about the level of violence in society” I opened.

The 3 person crew all smiled.


“As a lesbian, I am concerned about the amount of hate crimes and attacks”


the boom dipped as the microphone gal’s arms almost dropped with her jaw


the cameraman looked helpless at the director, leaving the camera rolling and holding it in position


the director, almost dropped his clipboard and I continued to talk for 5 more minutes.


they did end up using the footage of me and while I never saw the 1 hour commerical they aired, I did see the 30 second one.


That was an interesting study in propaganda.


The clip featured 3 white men, all looking left and saying conservative blanditutdes about White Men need to be obeyed, about 5 second each and I had 15 seconds of the commercial – the quote they used was


“Politicians don’t care about Canadians in the long run, only their pocket books in the short term”


it ended with a static photo of Preston Manning who always looked like 1950s howdy doody puppet and I never watched that show.


Not The Tories: They are C-CRAP

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Harper Watch | Compiling the Harper Government’s Assault …

The Harper Conservatives have spent no less than $6.5 million defending high … National Post – Did the $2B federal infrastructure fund (the one you saw all the ads for) …. The Canadian government is refusing to make public the assessments it … federal infrastructure dollars for the city and province that “are sitting unused.


Veterans Affairs handed back $1.1-billion in unspent funds … › News › Politics

Nov 20, 2014 – Veterans Affairs Canada has returned $1.13-billion to the federal treasury in … But that didn’t answer the question of why so much of the budget has … that the department must have resources to pay for benefits and medical …

Aboriginal Affairs Spending Shortfall Amounts To $1B ……/…
Jun 5, 2015 – That significant level of so-called lapsed spending — money promised but never spent — places Aboriginal Affairs among the largest “serial” …

Catholic Church withholding millions from victims, alleges ……/aboriginal/catholic-church-withholding-millions-from-vic…

Feb 18, 2014 – Court documents allege the church is pocketing money intended for … Today, Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt said, “Canada is …

Security agencies fail to spend millions from budgets – The … › News › Politics

Nov 5, 2014 – Canada’s national security agencies failed to spend hundreds of … departments to carry forward a limited amount of lapsed funding into the …


Harper government and the missing $800 million pledged to ……/harper-government-and-the-missing-800-million-…

Jul 3, 2015 – Harper, who was then in Opposition, scoffed at the federal Liberal … MP Dick Harris that his government would make good on its pine beetle funding … May 5, 2006. …. Or gone into the red, like Harper’s government did, to ease what would …. That could easily add a couple of hundred million dollars more.


Gender discrimination in the Canadian Military – Wikipedia ……/Gender_discrimination_in_the_Canadian_Mili

The last occupational ban for females in the military, which restricted women from serving … 3 Does gender discrimination still exist in the Canadian Military?


More than 350 female RCMP members seeking class-action ……/more-than-350-femalercmp-members-seeking…
May 31, 2015 – Joanne Mayer was greeted at her first RCMP posting with a handshake and a blunt statement from the sergeant: ‘We don’t think women should …

RCMP Class Action | Klein Lawyers › Class Actions › Current Class Action Lawsuits

This class action has been brought by former RCMP constable Janet Merlo as a proposed class action. Ms. Merlo is the plaintiff acting on behalf of female RCMP …


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