WorldWatch: Obama in Kenya: Homophobes Kept Clothes on!

“A nude protest against homosexuality in Kenya’s capital city scheduled for Wednesday was canceled just days before U.S. President Barack Obama was due to arrive in Nairobi. Thousands of naked men and women, including prostitutes, were expected to take part in the demonstration against Obama’s open support for the LGBT community, according to Kenyan newspaper the Star.”

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Obama is the first truly American president on many levels – bringing America both together and apart – the New Deal 2.0: Reality Time.

Dear South USA you lost the civil war – time to move on and stop re-enacting it like it is going to change.

You are welcome to be part of this century, it’s your choice, eh?


The world nobel committee gave him one for being elected largely on crowd funding rather than corporate sponsorship and this showed that Change was more than a Jingo Buzzword.

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Penis Envy Facility

Penis Envy Facility

When I was on facebook, I was friends with a few gay men in Kenya and Rwanda.

I spent a lot of nights trying to not fall asleep because I knew I was the only person who knew they had gone to answer a knock at their doors and worse, the police would be who was knocking to drag them off.

usually it would be a next door person who had no clue they were gay and once, it was an another gay man, seeking asylum for a night until he could continue his border run.

nerve wracking stuff fer sure.

Obama wants to talk to Africa about ending the genocide – and to be honest – homosexuality is most likely a natural population measure to reduce over breeding.

but proving sexuality is genetic is as needless as proving ethnicity or any other measurable demographic label we hang on ourselves or someone else does, eh?

because knowing some traits are inherited did not end the bigotry against it, nope, bigots use whatever they can to be bigots, divinity that suits or science that twists.

Canada’s Emily Murphy and probably more of that Gang of 5 that got the vote for women in Canada were Eugenicists trying to make bigotry sound sciencey. It’s not.

the bell curve and um wait.. let me check

Debunking The Bell Curve –

James White Debunks TBC: In my continuing assault and relentless attack on “The Bell Curve” and the kind of pseudo science it represents, I will go over IQ …

The Bell Curve Is A Myth — Most People Are Actually ……

May 4, 2012 – It’s a long-held assumption that human performance fits a normal (or Gaussian) distribution — a bell curve in which only a very small number of …

IQ tests are ‘fundamentally flawed’ and using them alone to … › News › Science

Dec 21, 2012 – The idea that intelligence can be measured by IQ tests alone is a fallacy according to the largest single study into human cognition which found …

Debunking the Myers-Briggs personality test – BBC News

Jul 15, 2014 – The popular Myers-Briggs personality test is a joke, writes Vox’s Joseph Stromberg. While it might be a fun way to pass the time, he says, it has …

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welll…. science… at least it keeps it fresh by tossing what is realized to not work

unfortunately, bad ideas are not as easily retracted in the public marketplace….

I had been talking to a filmmaker activist in Kenya and it turned out  that Canada does not have a co-production deal, so the project idea went no-where.

worse, I didn’t write it down, I was distracted at the time by a developing network and that also collapsed.

IT had to do with Obama’s Kenya connection and the pride it cause there, to know that one of theirs grew up to be president at all and even more thrilled to know that his father was not an immigrant to, but merely a visitor and was actually Kenyan.

Obama is American born – get over it. And seriously, it would serve everyone right if he did 2 terms as VP and then took a Supreme court seat.

ANyway – it wasn’t really for him that Nobel Prize – it was for America finally being told by  the world that your experiment that the individual mattered and the American dream could actually come true – more than any mere entertainment or sports celebrity ever could. Not even Elvis, and he blew that dream with major depression, so hollow, eh?

80461056 barack-obama-mlk d612732ca93ae7f5e3d9fa44bf8e7d98 Obama-meme

normally the USA is right of Canada because we have liberal leadership.

the USA Democrats are a bit right of our Canadian Conservatives – usually.


anyway, that’s all that I can remember….. maybe I will think of what and where that was going

so something else can see a .. something…

United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, orkneys?); USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand; India and Hong Kong….

WW2 – the Age of Colonial Empires is over.

USA vs USSR: The SuperPower Twins’ Cold War

Destiny Manifest: China vs India Popular Populace?

the Cold Capitalist Global Factory vs Outsource Services

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