The Jenner Transition: From Butch to Cait

Bruce Jenner, to the world was an Alpha Male.

An Olympian Stud with Glamorous Women, including Linda Thompson who was with Elvis for almost 5 years.

Jenner also is the Founder of the Kardashian Clan – the Nadir of American Culture.

Watching the media coverage of trans vs gay va gay/lesbian issues/community (I have yet to see bisexual issues out of the queer press) has always lurched from

YAY Finally to grim sensationalism to outright luridness.

Jenner I think is a separate category entirely.

Jenner has never been a supporter of anything queer and continues to assert Republican.

Something about wanting to be in a group that just doesn’t want you as a member, eh?

LAramie Project Laramie-Project original_319255_6WFPa4nZ2CC5Xuh83gjAjJ4jj Transamerica 1 transamericaBoysDontCry-PosterArt

We are each and all the experts of our own experience – particularly our inner world.

so I am not questioning Jenner’s indentity

I do question the self serving tv  show, which apparently had ratings on par with the Kardasian show already in progress.

So glad to know that people are now realizing the rush to embrace was about as authentic as the subject of the attention and as contrived.

Can we go back to scripted tv and leave people to self broadcast on the internet instead of public airspace, which could be being filled with better quality than fake unscripted tv and just have actual tv again; so celebs stop thinking that they get to renew their 15 minutes?

AND away from all these “flashdance to instant fame as a talent or a freak idol shows” of mostly being famous for being famous or famously pretty. how fragile a basis of identity is that?

TTDB-new gay stereotype_0

For Republicans, the worst thing is being caught with a live boy and the second worst is a dead girl. Why isn’t that something that is being discussed? Talk about yer inequities and skewed values.

How many republicans have lesbian daughters or sisters?

Why are conservative women being spokespersons and taking away a job from a man who could both do it for more money and be being made a sandwich by her in the kitchen?


Forbidden-love_1 ForbiddenLove2-e1403715719357 Screen%20shot%202014-05-20%20at%203.42.44%20PM

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