Applying Statistics to Community Activism: The Importance of Counting

One of my fave sites is Science 2.0, and last night I came across an article about the global stats on Atheism – in the Western World – this word remains a pejorative and few people are willing to so label themselves.

Actually it seems more like we fend labels off than apply them to ourselves these days. Something about Pigeon-Holing and I am sure that will have some salacious tawdry origin as a phrase. Sweet FA indeed. The ultimate Statistic insider Linguists.. not sure what the world for beyond gallows humour is.

anyway – article is here:

To this article, I posted:

I’m okay with people being “spiritual” that means the big groups are breaking up and people are not voting as blocks and are more able to work and play well with others.

as for the census states, for decades, ‘atheist” was a solid 8% and in the last decade it jumped to 16%

people might not use the word, but as long as they don’t try to enforce nonsense and keep beliefs as their own self and not be rabid conformists… maybe we can create sustainability

Nury Vittachi

Thanks for the comment, Nina.
I think that your words about creating sustainability are a pointer to what is happening. Mankind is converging into a generally united body where the different world-views aren’t hostile to each other, but work happily together, while retaining some of their own characteristics (a bit like the European Union before the Greek crisis).

There is a degree of dualism that seems to be built into humanity, as Darwin observed. If we end up as largely pro-science and pro-spiritual, that might actually be what evolution intended all along.

As for your stats about 8% to 16% atheism–do be aware that those probably come from the Western surveys that fail to take in the rest of the world in an accurate way. This paper is an attempt to help solve those problems.

Keep in mind that planet Earth’s typical atheist is an Asian man burning incense and chanting at his ancestors’ grave.

For the sake of clarity, I use “world-views” to include all systems of interpretation of reality, including those formerly classified as religious or atheistic.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@@~~~~~~~wow I got a reply!

yes I appreciated the gap filling in that you did.

I try to bring a canadian perspective, something that is lacking on the world stage

since we dropped from #1 peacekeeper to #62 with bombs and all.

Yes, I was thinking about that later – 8% held firm for the 1900s in UK, Canada and the USA. (probably Australia too)

the jump happened in 2000 – from 8 to 16% – and then, the Canada census stopped asking the religion question entirely.

which was interesting because I’d been part of a human rights complaint against Stats Can to get them to collect data on the queer community – – but the actual census has been cancelled and now they do market surveys

yes. I can hear the jaws dropping. The last Canada proper census was also done online and compiled by American companies, which put our sovereign census data under the US patriot act.

Anyway – so if globally, there is a 13% to 11% atheist (none or no particular theism) identification that is freaking HUGE, given all the theocratic nations and the monarchies/religions that prop them up.

given that being an atheist is on par with being queer for a death penalty generally – we can be sure more are, but have good reason to be in the closet

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aside: in fact, the government counting people and knowing the ratio and kinds of people, in order to direct public funds where most needed was SO important

that King Jame of England had a Census written into the bible to make the English citizens obey – the preists got the word out – after all, that was probably the first time many of them had ever had so much of it to read themselves.

the romans had ENGINEERING math and inventory math

that is not the same as population census data

early statistics gave rise to many nonsense ideas like phrenology and homoepathy

gamblers were mostly drove the repeated observations…

poof game theory

honestly, I don’t know two words ever put together have been given so much importance

when they really don’t have any solid meaning, other than, that is where zero sum possibility meets probability and reality checks and balances factor in.

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