Was Elvis Presley REALLY A Black Belt?


Yes and No.

Yes in that he was awarded the levels by several karate institutes, who were happy to have him as a student and be associated with him.

Yesish for technical skill and ability -but with his manic depression, he utterly lacked any self discipline – so no. Elvis Presley was never actually qualified, he was more of a “Boot to the Head” tourist.

Elvis Presley movies were some of the first 1960s movies to showcase karate; and it certainly made for exciting staging during the 1970s concerts. He even tried to produce a karate documentary:

Elvis even one time, in 1977, broke up a fight. He did a kick and knocked a packet of smokes from the Aggressor’s shirt pocket without touching the guy at all.

Elvis05 IMG_8685

Give us this day our Daily Elvis

July 21, 1960
Elvis obtained his first-degree black belt in karate.

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7 Responses to Was Elvis Presley REALLY A Black Belt?

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  4. Leona Wilson-mann says:

    Elvis may not have been as highly skilled as say Bruce Lee or Ed Norton, but he took his studies very seriously and was dedicated to the sport his whole adult life. Yes, I’m sure exceptions were made for his fame and busy schedule, but he did ‘test’ and earn all of his belts. He didn’t popularize the Martial Arts all by himself, but he did bring it to the attention of thousands of his fans, by speaking of it and using it in his films and on stage, so please don’t make light of his dedication to the sport or his contributions to it.


    • dykewriter says:

      I wish Elvis had taken it more serious for the self discipline. Elvis too often did retail therapy and had little self control. he had physical ability and sense of physical space


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