The Beatles:…

They were all Elvis fans, Teddy Boys, they were all called.

Beatles Hamburg Beatles

Paul, John, George, Pete and Stu.

Stu died – I’ve read brain tumor, stage fall and beaten up by Teddy Boys.


Was it cuteness or something else? the 4 Beatles became

Paul John George and Ringo


Singles still mattered but the LP was now the format king.

Their early records The Beatles did their best Elvis, named themselves after Buddy Holly’s band and eventually recorded albums rather than singles – and raised the LP from a collection of songs into Themed Experiences beyond getting and losing the girl teenaged priorities.


They were so good at music that they were allowed to make movies – although they make good documentaries about themselves and the less said about acting movies the better.

a-hard-days-night-poster1 C4F20FA5-31D5-4FD2-8D90-987D740D190D MPW-11339 the-beatles-help-movie-poster ysposjp

0a243dde-3d43-4f4e-8de0-7443751819f2 The-Beatles The Beatles during the filming of 'A Hard Day's Night' with L-R Patti Boyd, Tina Williams, Pru Bury tumblr_static_the-beatles-picture

The first major backlash over John’s saying that their fame being on par with religion was disturbing, but not understanding grammar and not really understanding British English America lost it’s mind in a Beatles Backlash.


They were MopTops for a short while, then they went hippie hair like most others and muttonchop sideburns like Elvis.


They did a retreat to India and were not impressed by the Gurus attention to the Beatles groupies. Spirituality 0 Sex 1 again, eh?

Let It Be documented the end of The Beatles, the end of an era and a formula for Boy Bands.



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also:  “Safer to be a cow than a woman in India.”

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