80s Power Ballads: “I’ve Never Been to Me”

In the 1960s, Loretta Lynn shocked the nation with her “Another’s On the Way” and “Mama’s Got The Pill” country odes to empowering women and planning your family with your Home Drinking with Loving on Yer Minds Men.

In the 1980s, Charlene gave us the anti-feminist, Gee I forgot to Have Children lament “I’ve Never Been to Me”  – a song about a woman who had a fabulous life and was now whining to a woman in the park with a baby about it.

and. like the woman’s husband, ignoring said wife reality and projecting her own.

In High School, I took Choir class, because I liked singing and I liked to have an Easy B.

As long as you showed up and actually made sounds, you got a B and if you could sing and were willing to be “schooled”, you’d get an A.

Anyway, about 25% of the choir had professional aspirations but this was Canada and very few were actually willing to solo.

There was a blonde girl – not me, and I forget her name – we were sorta pals, she was a year older – Lorna or Lorenna… Anyway – she wanted to solo and do this song.

After some talk and a variation on the lyric to make it less suggestive, which was stupid, we all knew the song. It was a hit song on the radio…..

Anyway, she was permitted to do the song, and the student body, as it turned out, had been determined to sit silent protest of the lyric change.

I was unaware of the pending protest and painfully aware of her fears.

So I agreed to her plan that I would skip the entire choir performance so she could have a friendly focus and I would stand up to lead her ovation and she’d have this amazing high school memory as a start of her celeb bio.

So she sang and she worked it. The students where quiet.

I stood up and applauded and let the Choir teacher know I was there and not where I was supposed to be.

and very few people clapped and then the guilt set in and I sat down and there was politish applause.

only in Canada, eh?

A US study has revealed that 95% of women who have had abortions believe it was the right decision. Yet, both in the US and UK, reproductive…   theguardian.com|By Rebecca Schiller
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7 Responses to 80s Power Ballads: “I’ve Never Been to Me”

  1. dykewriter says:

    Jeff Mattie lol “mind your own uterus” I love it

    Nina K Tryggvason OMFG @ Jeff Mattie 5 Brilliant Points.!!!!!!


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