Dear World: We Must Not Cater to Delusional Fantasies

Religion is the greatest mental health crisis.

Things that matter:

The environment being able to sustain life


what’s not important: opinions, especially historic views that have no place in a modern tech world.

being on the computer means you have no excuse to be ignorant.

If you don’t like that other people exist – get off line and go live in your chosen ghetto of homogentity.

there is less than 1% genetic diveristy in the homo sapien species and we need to do better than to create poor cultures which stagnant people

the level of divergent evolution happening now, through altered infant mortality rates in the technology have nations vs the have nots, and the splintering along socio-ecoomics lines.

Ancient Origins

The biblical story of the Israelites’ Descent and the Exodus speaks of supposed events that took place in Egypt, such as plagues, drownings, and famines – but finding records and inscriptions to prove these events is difficult. Did historical scholars misinterpret the ancient Egyptian oral traditions, and change the story? Guest author Ahmed Osman shares his research and perspective.

The biblical story of the Israelites’ Descent and Exodus speaks about important events that took place in Egypt, so we should expect to find…
  •  Jews were never slaves in Egypt and saying history is not anti-anything
  •  I don’t think you know your history. The symbols and the richard dawkins absurdity prove that point well.
  •  Enoch, you do not like anyone who does not share your views and opinion… today thats called being a hard-headed know-nothing but cest la vie.. you keep on grazing on the hill buddy
  •   I am not sorry that your confirmian bias and attachment to your cognitive dissonance gets riles when you hear reality.
  • You are entitled to your opinions Enoch, but you are not entitled to distort actual history which is what the rest of us share as actual reality.
    you might want to try it sometime.
  •   This event never happened. It’s mostly because of lack of evidence. The Egyptian is widely known for documenting events, occurrence or aspects of life, is very unlikely to make mistake for not recording the event as substantial as Exodus.
  • they kept payroll records of the eyptian workers who built the monuments on the off harvest season. we have those records.


Understanding Egypt’s documentation:

Government Business matters are entirely documented and because of the dry conditions, we have access to these records.

Public Works – temples, monuments – city planning – are all part of government business.

Now – Propaganda is what government tells the public about the nation.

So, the only thing being recorded on the walls of all these structures – was the battle wins – whether they were or not and whatever successes where achieved – often conquering an adjacent terriorty would mean putting up a momument to remind them to stay on that side of the rock pile boundary.

Any loss of a labour force would have had serious impact in the governemtn business documents because any lost labour force would have to be replaced – by war and conquest of another territory – and that didn’t happen.

And no leader puts up their loss record writ large and in the open, eh?

part of the way we do know history is not to merely look at what was done within a culture – but what the other ones around it left records and their side of the same stories.

so when you have a group telling a story about themselves and no other groups have it….

and especially when there is a huge difference between what is said and what is done by those who say it

Reality Check Palin
Watch as a Fox News pastor offers new insight into how Jesus would deal with churches offering sanctuary to undocumented immigrants.

why are the police not arresting these domestic terrorists?

“So who the f*ck do you think you’re fooling now, Barack Obama — or should I say Barry Soetoro or [a series of clicking noises] your African f*cking…
Most Peaceful nations
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