Misperceptions: To Kill A Mockingbird

Mockingbird cover

I spent part of my childhood summers at my maternal Grandparents back in the 1970s and in Chilliwack British Columbia Canada.

I came across To Kill a Mockingbird and I read it, vaguely knowing it was a High School Book. I was 8.

The anti-racism give people dignity message was heavy handed, how did adults not know this?

Not realizing how little had changed since the book’s publication, the grown up part of the story registered as deeply on me as it did Scout.

What did confuse me about the book was why Scout was treated like a girl.

I knew the book was in the USA south and New Orleans was French and Canada had French -so I read Scout’s actual name that way.

it wasn’t until a few years later that that Scout was a girl clued in

I wasn’t used to books being about girls, never mind narrated by them.

That Atticus could hold separate his personal and his professional views, I think might heighten the impact of the child vs the adult view of the parent. And, point to where, people can start to shift their private views and that is the importance of Professional Ethics.
The stunning revelation is certain to spur debate about the character of Atticus and his moral integrity in “To Kill a Mockingbird” — a staple of…   nytimes.com|By Alexandra Alter
It is time to just end all this nonsense.  americannewsx.com
Yesterday, when my three daughters and I went to see “Minions,” two lingering questions– are they really all male and if so, how did they come into being– were answered. To respond to the second …  reelgirl.com
Scientists at the Haifa University in Israel say bonobos skills to make and use tools resemble the technology used by early humans in the Oldowan stone tool culture.   dailymail.co.uk
Bill Nye says creationism in the classroom is creation a generation of children “who can’t think.” It will limit their future opportunities, he charges.    techtimes.com|By Tech Times
1950s America
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