The Pope Roll-Up Post

Know Your Vatican

the Pope is in charge of the world’s original and longest operating multi-national corporation – who gets money for nothing and their altar boys for free.

 I dislike thinking about him, I dislike communicating about him.
With hundreds of thousands of Catholic faithful waiting, Pope Francis needed a place to don his vestments to celebrate Mass at the Christ the…

Dear Pope: Don’t Stop Apologizing and Don’t Stop There, eh?

Cause and effect: how human activity is altering the environment – in pictures World’s leading environmental photographers and artists exhibit their works on the effects of anthropogenic climate change at the Verve Gallery in… Morales crucifix gift to Pope … Continue reading

Dear Pope; Ceo Christianity Incorporate; Current designation Catholic Church

Dear Current Corporal Pope Unit: We note that the last one retired; that is not standard protocol – as such – your representation agreement is now null and void. … Pope Establishes Court to Try Bishops for Sex-Case Missteps Pope … Continue reading

ReligionWatch: The Pope vs Dali Lama

So if the pope and dali lama meet and they do not cancel each other out, can we finally stop pretending there are people mouth pieces for a deity or supernatural non-personalized force? Pope won’t meet Dalai Lama out of … Continue reading

Popetarded: The Preacher or the Pulpit?

Add faithophobia to my crimes: I have no respect for religions that have little respect for me I am not just talking about Islam here, but pretty much all religion. So there is some equal opportunity offence for you. Faithophobia. … Continue reading

Dear Pope: Vatican Sex Crimes

When did Pedophile Cannibals become a source of ethics and morality?   The Catholic Church is not only the oldest branch of Christianity, it is in fact the world’s oldest multinational corporation.   With their private army, The Knights Templar, … Continue reading

Media Madness: Pope Time

I love the positioning of where the M top bumps form horns. I ended up in an intense fight with a group of people who are unaware that the Catholic Church is the original international corporation that set the greed … Continue reading

Hypocrisy: see Pope

The Catholic Church, because of the Knights of Templar, was the very first international corporation.     They have in their vaults, the artistic, gold and document wealth of Europe and a lot of the “new world”……… They are tax … Continue reading

BusinessWatch: Catholic Church Incorporated

The Catholic Church is the earth’s original, oldest and longest continually operating business. It set the greed standard for all others that followed with 10% tithing. The catholic church was the most powerful organization on the earth for a while, … Continue reading

Only the Shittiest Pretend Systemic and Ethnic Oppression Doesn’t Exist

“It’s obviously a crime of hate. Again, we don’t know the rationale, but what other rationale could there be?” Santorum pretends he doesn’t know racism exists in order to twist christian on christian violence? How can he position himself as … Continue reading

Religion is why we can’t have nice things, like Equality, eh?

it is starting to become clear how they come up with degrees of rape, eh? this is martial rape and why women have/gotten/need the ability to access divorce and not be coerced by religious family counseling; under which – this … Continue reading

Finding the Funny: Religion vs Sex

Earlier today,a facebook pal presented me with a comedy challenge. Some male religious guy is calling for women to be mass genitally mutilated or sterilized. Sharia law in Canada, almost A 2004 report recommending that Muslim faith-based tribunals be allowed … Continue reading

When did pedophilia stop being a cultural norm?

In many cultures, women was what you did to make sons, and younger men and boys was what you did for fun. Tory deputy mayor: Best thing for disabled children is the guillotine The retired GP made his sick suggestion … Continue reading

Understanding Rape Culture 101

religion: it’s a mental health issue – and primarily a male mental health issue. Pat Robertson: Second Hand Clothes Could Have DEMONS In Them! (video) Have you ever bought clothes from a second hand store and immediately felt the presence… … Continue reading

ReligionWatch: Catholic Incorporated

Casting stones while being the head pedophile priest protector? shame shame shame when will you be appointed women as priests, bishops. etc then? Pope Francis Calls For Equal Pay For Women: ‘Disparity Is Pure Scandal’ The wide gulf between wages … Continue reading

Authority: The Ultimate Fallacy

The CEO of the world’s original and oldest multinational corporation, which set the greed standard, says “think of the poor.” ‘Not to share wealth with poor is to steal’: Pope slams capitalism as ‘new tyranny’ Pope Francis has taken aim … Continue reading

The pontiff’s statements, though, are not as shocking as they may seem.|By Ishaan Tharoor

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Charge the Pope

International Criminal Court has been asked by Catholic sex abuse victims to charge the Pope and top bishops with crimes against humanity. The pope and other church leaders “tolerate and enable the systematic and widespread concealing of rape and child … Continue reading

The Pope and Hippies

The Catholic Church has recently blamed the 1960’s counterculture of American hippies for the child molesting sex scandals plaguing the church. For once, I agree with them – but only to the limited extent – not their fantasy that the … Continue reading

Terrible Pope

So, Pope Ratz  er Palpatine er Benedict  thinks the sexual abuse of children scandal is terrible. Almost makes it sound like this is the first that he’s heard of it. Not to mention, that it also sounds like what he’s … Continue reading

No Religious Test for Office

Separation of church and state is intended to keep each from interfering in the workings of the other. Separation of church and state isn’t just ensuring that government leaves religious groups alone – but that the religious groups also do … Continue reading

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