The Landed Gentry: Memo to the Would Be Manor Born

Remember seeing these ads and giving up your north american rat race lifestyle for a more elegant human speed existence?

Property for sale in Greece and Property in Greece

The Property Experts for Greece with 1000s of properties for sale in Crete, Corfu, the Peloponnese and all Greece. Contact our UK office for the best bargains.

p_greece-mykonos_1711828i pirgos villas-for-sale-in-kea-2

how’s the view now? torches and pitchforks yet?

20140521-1 YyAQ-FZXDxil-Xosly4cKg6BSFu-gB1olqHZ4pFb1DMLdjToXRd_H-LJB4l3-1sL7K8=h900

Landed gentry is a largely historical privileged British social class, consisting of land owners who could live entirely off rental income. Often they worked only in an administrative capacity, in…
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