What Happens on VaCay sometimes means Jail

tourists are there for your scenery and your food, not your backassward religion. 

dear women: do not travel to backassward nations

dear backassward nations: tourists are into debauchery, food and scenery – get into it or take yourself out of the global village

do grow the fuck up

On the third day of Ramadan, a group of young Moroccan surfers launched a campaign with a view to prevent foreign tourists on a beach:  moroccoworldnews.com
Minister of Multiculturalism Tim Uppal says Sikhs should not be asked to remove their turbans for airport security checks, but that Muslim women… cbc.ca
Brothers in their short-sighted neglect of global warming, Canada and Australia’s prime ministers let cash rule everything around them. thestar.com
In Russia and most of the world’s geography of uncivilized religitarded nations Arrests at Moscow gay pride rally – BBC News Russian police…
That all cultures are equally valid? If a culture does not allow for equality of members, then said culture cannot be equal to those that do. And, for those that just think they do, you really aren’t…
Interpreting Prophesies 101 1. when making a prophesy – keep it to the distant future, use poetic language to explain a generality 2. in the 1960s, Charles Manson used this to convince his follower…
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